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"2012: War of Souls" - Whitley Strieber - New book & movie

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posted on Oct, 29 2007 @ 12:20 PM
Okay folks -- this isn't like me but I got to warn you of the drivel that lurks in the pages of this so-called novel.

Mind you, I've been reading his work only for a couple months from the library or used bookstores -- mainly all the "non" fiction stuff, Communion and anything about his abductions w/ the Greys. Little did I know about his fiction career.

So, this book is fiction, just came out in hardcover in Sept. 2007 and Michael Bay (Transformers, Armageddon) is set to direct the movie. It has a tentative release date for 2010, hopefully it'll be canned by 2008.

The book is really bad horror/fantasy. The storyline is pretty far-fetched: there's three Earths (Strieber doesn't bother to tell you about 1 of them at all in the book) and portals between them start opening up on this Earth. The 'hero' -- a writer of sci-fi/alien material realizes his work is coming to life in other dimensions. Characters actually exist and they sort of resemble "parallel lives" of those on this Earth.

The depths of the Earth: there's secret bases where all kinds of experiments happen, they create awful people out of body parts, can 'steal' souls or destroy them. And it keeps getting worse.

There's never any description of how travel between the two worlds happens, maybe a mention of "portals" no more then a handful of times, it's impossible to get situated in the story w/ lack of details like this.

I won't even go on, the book was that terrible and I have a 50 page rule where I couldn't turn back. Happy to finally finish it, over 300 pages and sent it back to the library.

I recently found out that he wrote Day After Tomorrow, which, we all know, wasn't the best of movies. Maybe he's a screenwriter who's supposed to throw this junk out for the masses -- I don't know, his "non" fiction, as I mentioned already, is readable and WAS enjoyable to a certain degree -- whereas, 2012 is a total failure IMO hence this category.

edit: I should point out, especially for a good laugh moment, some other things in the book -- reptilian shapeshifters from a certain dimension and angels of Annunaki fame. Yeah, he really tried to cover all the bases in this one but it's beyond far-fetched and takes place mainly in Kansas! Seriously!

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