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Peak Oil or Peak Export?

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posted on Oct, 29 2007 @ 10:21 AM
Another open day on the stock market and despite record soaring prices,
the price for a barrel of oil is up again. Of course anyone who has followed the study of peak oil is in the know. They know that according to the IEA (International Energy Association) the world's oil production peaked in 2005. We've been on a slow and steady decline since then.

Energy traders are just now becoming wise to this. That's why we're seeing the price climb week after week. Now ask yourself, if the public is becoming aware of this, how long ago were public officials "aware". The completely obvious answer can be found by looking at the major players in the current Bush adminsitration. What do Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield have in common? They all have strong backgrounds in and made thier riches in the oil industry.

Now, let's go back and look at the oil production issue. One greatly overlooked fact is that once the oil fields start to decline the producing countries are likely to keep what's left for themselves. Will Saudi Arabia keep selling all their oil when it's apparent that they will run out? What if they started hording thier own supplies to assure thier country's energy supplies for years to come. In reality, peak production isn't the issue, it's peak exports that we have to worry about.

(Now the tie-in)Let's say that the U.S. is aware of this and knows that getting oil producing countries to sell their oil could be an issue in the future. How can the U.S. ensure that they have the means to force oil exportation to the U.S.? What if they found a wimpy terrorist group and helped them create, or at least allowed them to create the worst act of terrorism the world has ever seen? Presto! Now there's an excuse to inject troops into these terrorist sponsoring states.

9/11 was that excuse. The terrorist in Afghanistan had no more ability to terrorise mainland American than the I.R.A. Saddam's weapons were locked inside a country that had been under siege since 1990. They U.S. hasn't gained a thing in security. Soviet block countries are more of a weapons leak danger than anything in the Middle East. What the U.S. has gained is a force of 200,000 troops in the middle of the world's largest oil exporting countries and an excuse to keep 3 - 4 aircraft carrier groups permanetly on standby. This new oil security came at a price. 9/11. A price the U.S. government was more than willing to make

Peak oil is going to happen. There's nothing we can do about it. Peak Export, the more serious and current threat, is something that can be effected. The U.S. is making every effort they can to ensure that their future supply of oil is guranteed.

“the Iraq war is largely about oil.”
- Alan Greenspan

posted on Oct, 29 2007 @ 10:29 AM
Awesome thread idea dbates!

I guess the first place the 'average' thinking person can (literally) turn to is CSPAN for some 'experts' and truth-telling -- to a certain degree. I've seen some really informative news interviews about D.U. (deleted uranium) and advanced energy weapons on that station before.

Going through the mainstream (Border's & B&N) book stores lately in progressive cities even have some titles out about the issue at hand.

Although, with the 'special-interest' cronies you mentioned in your thread, it seems like they have a block on major media centers reporting this. I've heard the NYTimes is owned by old British money, so you can expect the same (lack of) coverage on this issue in the 'respectable' newspapers still.

When will this end? Well, since there's Pentagon studies about 'peak oil' and a public lack-of-interest in the issue, seems like their scenario is likely more then any others, like how you concluded your thread in a way -- theater oil war(s) continue.

While "we the people" sit by and let our kids handle the bankruptcies in the future? Wish we actually had options to change this but we all know about the traitors in Congress.

edit: as per the 'export' issue in your thread -- I guess this is what the strategic oil reserves is for!

My points above seem to tie into your thesis since I read newspapers everyday and there's never a mention of peak oil!

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