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Just woke up, is this sleep paralasis?

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posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 06:22 AM
I litterally just woke up (laptop stand is right next to bed) from one of the most concerning and frustrating dreams ive ever had, im wondering if this is what sleep paralasis is or if this is just considered a dream about it

I was just laying in my bed, thinking to my self, hmm lets get up, but i cant, id struggle but it was like weights we on me, i eventually got myself up, still under this physical stress, walking downstairs to find a party going on with a girl outside running from the cops, just at that moment i blink my eyes and im back in my bed

Again i try to lift my body, this time i get up and go behind my house (which looks different then real life for some reason) and talk to my dad about college. Blink my eyes again, im back in my bed.

Im getting pissed at this point, I try again, this time, suddenly the pain is lifted, but i notice, next to where my head was is a two inches tall, somewhat like what the invisible guys on halo look like, it started running down my hall so i go to dash after it, i try to catch it and dive. as i hit the ground i close my eyes and open them, im in bed.

So i woke up sat up and said 'thank god' to myself, though hmm, back to bed? no write on ATS. Theres a bit of me that cant tell if this is real or not at this point. what i think it was was me having sleep paralasis and drifting in and out of dreams.

Anyone have any opinions?
p.s. yea im going back to bed, head hurts ha!

posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 07:49 AM
Sounds like it may have been a false awakening about sleep paralysis. I've had actual sleep paralysis, but a week ago I had multiple false awakenings about sleep paralysis. I literally dreamed about waking up like 4 times in a row experiencing sleep paralysis in my dream. Each time it occurred in my dream, I had hallucinations that just do not make sense tin the real world. Then the final time I woke up it was for real and was not paralyzed at all. weird.

The way you can tell if it is a false awakening or not, is try to remember the details of your room in your 'dream'. Whenever I have a false awakening, something in my dream is just not quite right. For example, when I dreamed about waking up to sleep paralysis a week ago, I was hallucinating that there was a goblin coming out of the clock on my wall shooting arrows at me... yet there is no clock on my wall. Dreams usually do not make sense and our brain accepts it as reality, while during an actual episode of sleep paralysis, we hallucinate because our mind needs to make sense of things in the real world.

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