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Jasn's Rant for Today - "ATTENTION: Not Everything is a Race Issue"

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posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 04:03 PM
I'll admit, I'm the first one to hop into the debate when the issue comes to race and discrimination. I find the topic absolutely fascinating.

However, can any of you explain to me WHY the issue of race has to be dragged into sooooooo many threads here at ATS that have NOTHING to do with race? And almost without fail it's someone comparing the poor oppressed black man to the ever priveledged white man who was birthed into this world to a waiting silver platter.

Now, I'm not gonna debate any race issues here, if you want to do that just u2u me and we can set it up for the debate forum from whichever position you'd like.

What I want to talk about here is the seemingly unshakable desire some people have to bring the issue into some of the most UNAPPROPRIATE threads.

Would someone care to explain to me what a race has to do with the "Thought Police" bill that was currently passed? Or how about how the credit system in this country is set up so the lower and middle class are enslaved by it? Or about a young man (of any color) being imprisoned for statutory rape and effectively having his life ruined unjustly? What is the cause for the need some of you see to bring race into these issues? Why must you try to hijack threads with crap logic that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject at hand?

I mean seriously, do you secretly harbor some morbid desire to go back to the pre 60's era where black folks are forced to sit at the back of the bus and drink from separate fountains as whites JUST so you'll have something to be legitimately bitter about? Or is it simply just some desire to be the victim in ANY situation?

Maybe that's it. Perhaps you guys that feel the need to do this are just mad because someone/something else is taking a bit of your attention. Could that possibly be the reason?

Honestly, I hate to feel that way, but I can't find ANY OTHER logical reason why this is done so damn much.

In all fairness, I understand the lasting bitterness to a degree. However, how in the world does it benefit you to be so bitter that you feel the need to bring the issue into play where it DOES NOT BELONG?

Did you guys ever stop and think that just MAYBE your own bitterness is the only real oppressor you have left? Perhaps (just perhaps) it's your own desire to continue thrusting the race card into the spotlight that KEEPS the race card in the spotlight. Maybe it's time to MOVE THE HELL ON to things that are a bit more current.

Either way, whether the world wide hate and oppression of the black man is real or imagined, it DOES NOT belong in every freaking thread you jump into. Stop using it to derail topics that discuss things that MOST OF US feel are more important. If you have a true beef as far as "racism" goes, start your own freaking thread and discuss it there until your heart is content. Stop trying to interject it into places where it does not belong. If you are too lazy or just incapable of starting your own thread, go to the Social Issues forum; There are plenty of threads there already where this issues is discussed daily.

Now excuse me, I must go cash my daily "white man check". Hey, it's $729.95 today, W00T!

Jasn (aka The white devil that's keeping the black man down)


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