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WHO-spread the fires and WHY

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posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 10:21 PM
I think we can say that it was man-made. Do you think natural fires start from malibu to the US/MEX border one after another?

IF WE CAN SAY YES, Someone did start them than who and for what reason I ask.

Pyros having fun
GOvernment Agenda
Industry work
Arnold making his new action film...ha

posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 10:24 PM
I f you lived here you would know....It never rains (feels like it), Summer all year round, and many of these areas have not burned for a long time, combine that with zero humidity and 90 plus degrees and you got a recipe for disaster.

posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 10:29 PM
I live in SD. But if YOU NOTICED THE LAST FIRE. It happened in a similar fashion. only difference was the winds.

THE F(&k$n pupose of this thread was not to argue against possibility but provide reasons why would a person do this if he can....

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posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 12:28 AM
It's not a phenomenon confined to the US. As soon as an extreme fire danger is announced here there's any number of idiots who'll reach for the matches and go out to see how big a blaze they can create. Fortunately some get caught and prosecuted but there's always plenty to replace them.

Humans have always had a morbid fascination with fire and for a small number that fascination overcomes common sense and morality. Sad but true.

posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 03:21 AM
Categories: Emergency Services

Breaking News Alert: One Dead, 8 Injured in Potrero Wildfire
Last Updated: 10-21-07 at 7:00PM PDT

Breaking News Alert: One Dead, 8 Injured in Potrero Wildfire

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA: A 3,000-acre wind-fueled brush fire that broke out Sunday in rural southern San Diego County killed one person and injured eight others, including four firefighters hospitalized in serious condition.

As of late afternoon, several homes had been destroyed in the so-called Harris Fire, which began about 9:30 a.m. near Harris Ranch and Potrero Valley roads in Portrero and was burning on both sides of Highway 94, authorities said.

Residents of Potrero, Dulzura, Barrett Junction and Tecate were evacuated.

"This is about as worse (as) fire condition(s) can get," said Cal Fire Capt. Matt Streck, who said ground crews focused evacuating residents rather than protecting property due to the speed of the blaze.

As of 4 p.m., winds were pulling the flames westward at 50 to 60 mph from Potrero into Bell Valley and beyond, he said.

Authorities did not immediately identify the person who perished in the blaze or the circumstances or location of the death. Four other civilians were also injured, but officials did not elaborate or provide condition reports.

The four firefighters were airlifted to the UCSD Burn Center, Cal Fire officials said. According to a dispatcher, the firefighters' injuries, while serious, did not appear to be life-threatening.

Authorities said the firefighters were trapped in a so-called "burn-over." They were overcome by towering flames that shot over their heads, apparently while defending a structure -- similar to what happened last October when five firefighters were killed in the Esperanza wildfire in Riverside County...

Story continues at:

Posted on Wednesday, 04/25/07 - 2:29 pmby Todd Beeton
It's bad enough that an ex-Blackwater lobbyist holds a prominent position in the California Department of Homeland Security. But now the private "security" firm Blackwater USA wants to build an 824-acre mercenary training camp outside the tiny rural town of Potrero in San Diego County.
If it is approved by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, the "Blackwater West" training facility would mark the third point in a so-called Blackwater Triangle that already includes their main base in Moyock, NC and their just recently opened facility, Blackwater North, in Mount Carroll, Illinois.
Creeped out yet? More on this project and the efforts underway to stop it over the flip.
According to a great Raw Story piece from earlier this month, the proposed Blackwater West facility
would include 15 firing ranges for automatic and semi-automatic weapons and small caliber guns, as well as an emergency vehicle operator’s course the length of ten football fields -- 3,280 feet in length and 1,320 feet in width, according to a project description. The facility would also include bunkhouses and commando-type training facilities, ship simulators, and law enforcement and rescue safety training towers with rock-climbing walls and platforms.The facility would house as many as 360 instructors and students at any given time, in a town of only 840. Remarkably, the project has already been approved by the Potrero planning group (an advisory body) in a 7-0 vote last December. Not that all members of the planning group support Blackwater mind you. Jan Hedlun is the lone Potrero planner opposing the project. Elected in November, Hedlun didn’t vote at the December meeting because she says she wasn’t told she was eligible. "I’m in the middle of a battle,” Hedlun said. "I am a lamb in a lion’s den. They’re pushing this through quicker than anything I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 03:32 AM
one arson suspect tried plowing through police with his car and the officers had to open fire, killing the guy. He really didnt want to get caught for some reason and for some reason the police refuse to release the persons identity. add the five or so suspects already in custody, i dont know. Ironic?

posted on Oct, 27 2007 @ 01:08 AM
Interesting, balckwater agenda with pyros involved in the aftermath. Thats my conclusion...

posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 03:27 AM
When I read the title, I thought you meant the World Health Organization had started the fires.
I think that one was started by power lines being blown down, but however they were started, the MSM made the most of the propaganda value, with CNN blaming them on global warming, and FOX suggesting Al-CIAda might be responsible.

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by resistor

with CNN blaming them on global warming, and FOX suggesting Al-CIAda might be responsible.

That's priceless. lol Anyone else envisioning a smoky room full of producers arguing over stories for that night's broadcast and doing their damndest to connect one fear-mongering story to whatever the general fear being peddled is at the time? For liberals? Global Warming! Conservatives? Al-QAIDA!

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