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Mind Alterations Via Tetanus Shots

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posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 03:09 PM
I'm putting this in Skunk Works simply because it is so outlandish that I cannot myself believe it. I in no way am trying to say that it's true, or even based on the truth. It was told to me by someone I met at a hospital, but that alone means nothing. I simply wondered if anyone else had heard of such a thing.

I was outside getting a breather in the parking lot when I overheard a discussion that at least made my ears perk up. I was near the road at the edge of a large parking area, and these two men were on the sidewalk smoking and talking, while I leaned against my own vehicle a few feet away. (If you want to smoke, you have to get off of the hospital grounds, so that was their reason for being there.)

Because of the traffic, it was hard to hear the conversation real well, though a slight wind "blew" their words towards me. I'm sure they thought their conversation was covered by the traffic sounds, and it would have been if I had been ten feet further and not had that slight breeze carrying it to me.

While I cannot quote them word for word, the gist of it was that one was warning the other one not to let any of his family get a tetanus shot at "this" hospital because the injections had something in them called "VL2". And laughing, he added "unless you want your boy to shoot up the local high school, or your wife to do a Lorainna Bobbet".

They had finished their smokes and headed back to the hospital, with me tagging along a ways behind them out of curiosity. Both were around 35 years old, well dressed, though causual; just ordinary looking guys. They did go into the Admin wing once they were inside; an area that I would have stood out in if I had followed them further. And I had to get on back to my son's room anyway. Haven't seen them since, though I'm there every day.

I hesitated to even post this, and put off doing so for a couple of days now, because it was only a scrap of conversation. But I can't seem to get it out of my paranoid little head. While it is a subjective thing, I never got the feeling that it was a joke. They weren't laughing about it.

So no proof of anything here. I just want to know if anyone has heard anything like this? Anything about something called VL2? And would the drugs in a Tetanus shot be good to mask another drug with, as this seems an odd choice? Could this just be some urbane myth that I have never heard about? Are there known side effects like this that could have been the reason to say that?

Better yet, does anyone know if there have been any tetanus shots given to people not long before they went on some rampage?

And before anyone asks, yes, I'll be watching the local news real close in the coming weeks to see if there's any "strange" events around this area that might tie into such a crazy idea.

posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 03:11 PM
Could a mod please add a couple of BIG question marks to the header of this post? I meant to, and didn't. I'm not wanting this to look like I think it's anything it isn't.

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