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Parousia and Eschaton, 40 facts ATS should know

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posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 01:19 PM
A close friend of mine requested I post this - He signed up but the password He received in His email did not work. I don't have answers to likely questions, but He offers websites which might do so. Et bien:

Parousia and Eschaton, 40 facts ATS should know.

The man in question was born March 10 1975 in Ithaca NY . YellowMagneticWarrior.
He was born to lower middle class parents of moderate intelligence, no religion.
His Great Aunt was a White Witch named Lilian, she did a reading for Carl Sagan.
When he was 5 years old he knew he was an inventor and needed to be on TV.
He had nightmare induced OBE’s which made him think he could fly.
He was considered gifted, yet emotionally disturbed, as a kid.
In spring 1996 (see Time Wave Zero) he had a vision and message come to him.
The vision was of him at a press conference giving ultimatums to world leaders.
The leverage for these ultimatums was a free energy device and a loaded title.
“Claim to be Jesus!” He thought this absurd but a feeling of divine wrath burned it in.
Reluctant yet introspective he, through a friend, found KRYON and voided his karma.
He learned of Tesla, Schauberger and Reich. Found resonance with Tesla.
He took a “heroic dosage” of psilocybin.
He was left with the notion we are all beautiful creations here to serve each other.
He opened the Bible randomly to REV 13:13 and knew what it meant.
Fire from heaven in full view of men = Electricity from Zero Point on TV.
Still questioning his sanity, in 1998, on a whim, he Googled “Triple Pisces”.
One return caught his eye, something about Conversations w/ Nostradamus.
“Great Genius” humanitarian inventor, description of his Neuromimetic Processor.
AntiChrist is also humanitarian inventor, denied by Dolores on phone but not in Trilogy.
Confirmation in print, but also police style sketch of his face in the book.
Dogon Prophecy “Twin of victim will descend with blacksmith.”
Tesla imprint overlayed on Melchizedek oversoul, was in fact Jesus, but sympathy Tesla.
Kalki subtitle, “The machine man.”
Tesla was Akkaeneset, responsible for Atlantean Flood – heavy burden to redeem.
Psycho-Geo mechanics employed by Annunaki, plan flawed, WAM too variable.
Most polarized entity to ever exist in the universe = wisdom and righteousness.
2 Esdras – America NWO prophecy, One who causes trouble will also save his elect.
2 Esdras – Nations rally against him, he defeats them with no weapon.
Idealogical and technological ushering of New Jerusalem.
Nebiru Whittaker coupled to HAARP, polarity switchback = Serpent chasing woman.
Serpent spews water, swallowed, also in Mayan prophecy.
Astro-Quantum Physics of Eschatology – Apache prophecy of Red Sky, 1000 stars.
Ra quantum phase-shifts, teleports through own wormhole in the Galactic Plane.
Stars falling = magnification via gravitational lensing.
Sky rolling up = Galactic Plane rising in the north.
Exercising all the authority of the 1st beast = &
Free Energy (solid-state perpetual motion of 2nd kind via scroll waves) unveiled in 2009.
Auto-Inductive Rectenna = Babylon destroyed.
American Aghori – no fear, know God now, indifferent to outcome, enemy deserves truth.


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