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espn interview with dana, plus press conferences today

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posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 06:03 AM

thats the link for the espn interview with dana white. he talks about randy coutures contract and how he does not understand how one resigns from a contract.

pretty good clip.

anyway, today at or around 4:30, randy couture will be giving a press conference that will be streamed on proelite.

dana is also giving a press conference at the same time...not sure where/if you can see this and not sure what the 'big news' is gonna be.
i'm sure it will be a formal announcement of the wand/chuck fight but maybe, just maybe he will be announcing a deal with espn.
here is to hoping.

i still think fedor/randy still might happen.
in that interview, he said that randy is still under contract with the ufc...2 more fights/8 more months.
he said them fighting in russia is not going to happen but if they can 'work a deal' with fedor then they can fight 'in the ufc'.

now, dana knows that no matter what, after the next 1, MAYBE 2 fights that randy is done.
i know dana won't put the belt up cause randy would be fighting someone from another org..
m1 has said that they have no problem letting fedor fight in other orgs..

so, this could still happen.

m1 just announced at their press conference that they will pay any champ of any other org a million to fight fedor. dana said in that interview that randy's resignation will NOT be accepted...

so, let randy say his sorries....maybe dana can keep his cool and negotiate this fight as randy's retirement fight or some damn thing...

there is too much 'whatever' surrounding randy, a man that i only going to be fighting for another 3/4 year TOPS.
he is doing movies now and is running extreme couture. he has no room for fighting anymore.

hughes is doing the same thing...he and robbie lawler(elite xc champ) are opening/have opened their own gym now called the hit squad.

oddly enough, three people that were on team hughes on this season has moved to the east coast to train with serra.

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