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UFOs Shot Down Hundreds of Planes in 40s & 50s

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posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 06:09 PM
For those who are familiar with Linda M. Howe, I have a question about the Coast2Coast January 20th show titled: "1947 White Sands UFO Report". Somewhere in the later 2nd half of the show, Linda mentions about UFOs retaliating against Earth after US forces shot down UFO craft(s). Supposedly UFOs shot down hundreds to thousands of military and civilian aircraft. Linda also stated if you look at archived newspapers of the time (like 1945 to 1955), you can find newspapers reported crashes on the local level, but no hints these disasters were on a larger, global scale. Coast2Coast episode summary says the following:

In a recorded interview, Kissner revealed that the flying discs retaliated against the attacks by bringing down hundreds of civilian and military airplanes -- all of which crashed in a short period in the summer of 1947 and in the months afterward. Kissner also recalled being told by a naval officer about a flying disc that had been shot down at Roswell. Kissner's source claimed to have seen the craft, which was in U.S. military custody and riddled with holes from artillery fire.

Coast2Coast Link:

Has anyone researched into this? Can any one confirmed hundreds of planes crashed during the late-40s and early-50s?

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