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Who Would The World Elect For President of USA ?

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 03:02 PM

Who Would The World Elect for President of the United States?

I thought this was a pretty neat site. Ron Paul and Barack Obama have most of the votes as of this posting. It is interesting to see what candidates have the most supporters in other countries.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 03:12 PM
Right, I know I'm foreign, and I should be watching the soccer (well, Manchester United have just scored their fourth), but there is only one for me, Hilary.


Well, we had a nutter of a prime minister who totally divided the country. Why? Because she was beating up all men. Hillary will do the same, but you are in an unusual position where your first lady prez would have a man who knew the job behind her. Ladies, this is no sexism, the institutions, hundreds of years old, were designed by men for men. Any woman would have a field day in charge, and Margaret Thatcher though by the end of it universally hated, was also deeply respected and Hillary with a husband could do one better, methinks, coz he'll be able to chill her out. Assuming you do want a female Prez one day.......

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by redled

First and foremost... thank you for the reply.

I also think Hillary would make a very good president. She is very intelligent, and knows the ins and outs of the political machine. I do not mind the fact that Bill is her husband and advisor. I admire him greatly for his world view and charitable initiative. I thought he was a GREAT President who was surrounded by a bunch of ankle biters... LOL

There is such a hatred for Hillary in this country, and I do not understand why. Compared to the current administration... she seems like a breath of fresh air. I would LOVE it if Obama was chosen as her running mate. I would vote for Obama, but I feel he would spend most of his first two years being manipulated by the whole political and media establishment. If Obama were her Vice President, we might be able to have eight years of Hillary, then eight more with Obama. He has a very Kennedyesque message of hope for the future which I find refreshing compared to the gloom and doomers that are candidates.

America needs a candidate who can hit the ground running and take on all comers right away.

Yes, Margaret Thatcher was pretty cool in her time. I admired her.

Thank you again for your reply. This is my first new thread, and I must admit I am waiting to be slammed... LOL

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 06:25 PM
Well it looks like the world isn't so dumbed down as some might think. It looks like Ron Paul is well in the lead. Good victory imho.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 06:33 PM
I'd vote for Ron Paul but I know that he wouldn't take the job. He's a strict American constitutionalist. Some how I think a World Government would go against his grain, and rightly so

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 07:19 PM
If the world decided, it would be Mrs. Bill Clinton in a landslide.

China has a huge polulation, and have greatly benefited from top secret missle launch technology, given to them by the Clinton administration. Illegal campaign contributions have their price.

Terrorists worldwide would definately vote for Mrs. Bill Clinton. They know a weak United States works in their favor.

So many ulterior motives are at work here. So basically, the world can kiss my butt. The United States will never elect Mrs. Bill Clinton!

If Mrs. Bill Clinton never met Bill, she would be a nobody with no qualifications, but she did meet him, so she is the wife of a former President still with no qualifications.

BTW who is Ron Paul? Isn't he the guy that ran as a Libertarian in 1988, and got 1% of the vote? The fantasy continues......

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 04:12 AM
reply to post by RRconservative

stop trolling and giving out partisan crap lines like "terrorists and red china want this candidate"

it's ignorant and immature.

now, who would i want to elect for president of the USA?
nader. the guy is probably the furthest from a corporate shill that we could get and he actually cares about the people.

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 07:21 AM

stop trolling and giving out partisan crap lines like "terrorists and red china want this candidate"

it's ignorant and immature.

Well the question was asked and he gave his opinion, I agree with him.

I think in 2004 most of the world probably would have voted for Kerry, the guy could have gone on to become one of America's greatest presidents in my opinion (not much competiton).

For the upcoming elections I would suggest either Clinton or Obama, obviously the white females would support Clinton and Obama seems fairly down to earth. Ron Paul supports non-interventionism and withdrawal from the UN and NATO, some parts of the world would like this, others wouldn't.

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 07:41 AM
Interestingly Kucinich is coming up 3rd.

Most of the pro-Paul is likely based on the appeal of him leaving the rest of the world the hell alone... Which I imagine is a big plus for the "rest of the world"-PAC.

Obama / Kucinich would make my day. Or the other way around.

posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 11:57 AM

stop trolling and giving out partisan crap lines like "terrorists and red china want this candidate"

it's ignorant and immature.

Why are you so arrogant to believe that if someone doesn't agree with you, they are "partisan," a "troll," "ignorant" or "immature?" The implication being that he is an idiot, and cannot think for himself.

One could easily make the same claims about your love for Nader.

posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 01:19 PM
How about Nelson Mandela, or do they have to come from the US?

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by redled

I think they have to be a Candidate that is running in this current election cycle. It's more like Who Would the World Vote For as America's President.

Thank you for your post.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by RRconservative

Exactly Right!!!!

There are so many dynamics in play in others countries; it was the very first thing I noticed when I was traveling, especially in the Orient and Middle East...

Ron Paul? I don't know. I am ALMOST in tune with his message, but he is a little too "Ross" for me...


posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 04:02 PM
...thanks for this link OP -- I like the site's idea. Seems like 'the world' is in favor of Dr. Ron Paul! Count me in too compared to that NWO field of creeps. Oh, w/ the Dennis K exception of course.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 04:55 PM

Originally posted by anhinga

...thanks for this link OP -- I like the site's idea. Seems like 'the world' is in favor of Dr. Ron Paul! Count me in too compared to that NWO field of creeps. Oh, w/ the Dennis K exception of course.

How is Ron Paul any less part of the mythical "NWO?" Is it because you agree with him?

Wouldn't it stand to reason, if the "world" is in favor of Ron Paul, that he would be the most favored by the "NWO?"

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 05:14 AM
if the world new more about him, i think they'd want dennis kucinich. hell, i don't know why america doesn't want him.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 12:05 PM
At least Israel & Iran can agree on one thing... they both voted Ron Paul 4 Prez. I also note RP has more votes than every other candidate combined on both sides of politics. Finally I think it's interesting how well Kucinich is polling now compared to a few months ago, and also that China and India picked him, whereas nearly every other country picked Ron Paul.

[edit on 19-12-2007 by Shar_Chi]

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 02:18 AM
So far the site has logged 92,000 votes:

Votes for the Republican party: 58,500
Votes for the Democratic party: 34,178

Top Three GOP:
Ron Paul...Total Votes:51,869
Rudy Giuliani...Total Votes:1,653
Fred Thompson...Total Votes:1,563

Top Three DEM:
Barack Obama...Total Votes:16,391
Dennis Kucinich...Total Votes:8,322
Hillary Clinton...Total Votes:4,440

Some interesting results:

AUSTRALIA Votes for:
1002 votes for Ron Paul
611 votes for Barack Obama
144 votes for Hillary Clinton
82 votes for Dennis Kucinich

4 votes for Barack Obama
4 votes for Ron Paul
1 vote for Mike Gravel
1 vote for Hillary Clinton

BELGIUM Votes for:
339 votes for Barack Obama
212 votes for Ron Paul
122 votes for Hillary Clinton
37 votes for Dennis Kucinich

CANADA Votes for:
3275 votes for Ron Paul
1558 votes for Barack Obama
532 votes for Dennis Kucinich
464 votes for Hillary Clinton

CHILE Votes for:
81 votes for Fred Thompson
43 votes for Ron Paul
16 votes for Barack Obama
7 votes for Hillary Clinton

CHINA Votes for:
248 votes for Dennis Kucinich
67 votes for Ron Paul
28 votes for Barack Obama
24 votes for Hillary Clinton

127 votes for Ron Paul
57 votes for Barack Obama
48 votes for Dennis Kucinich
24 votes for Hillary Clinton

11 votes for Ron Paul
6 votes for Barack Obama
5 votes for Rudy Giuliani
4 votes for Hillary Clinton

IRAQ Votes for:
13 votes for Ron Paul
2 votes for Joe Biden
2 votes for Mitt Romney
2 votes for Rudy Giuliani

ISRAEL Votes for:
37 votes for Ron Paul
25 votes for Rudy Giuliani
21 votes for Barack Obama
11 votes for Hillary Clinton

MEXICO Votes for:
77 votes for Ron Paul
52 votes for Barack Obama
29 votes for Hillary Clinton
8 votes for Dennis Kucinich

5 votes for Ron Paul
2 votes for Hillary Clinton
1 vote for Rudy Giuliani
1 vote for John Edwards

51 votes for Dennis Kucinich
32 votes for Ron Paul
10 votes for Barack Obama
4 votes for Hillary Clinton

1428 votes for Ron Paul
881 votes for Barack Obama
260 votes for Hillary Clinton
205 votes for Dennis Kucinich

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 07:40 AM
This is coming from a very left-wing member, RON PAUL FTW!

The "Fantasy" that is the RP campaign has now smashed a fundraising record in one day. Where is the coverage? It's an anti-libertarian conspiracy. This guy scares the crap out of the keepers of the status-quo.

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 11:39 AM
You know, it's funny that thread lik ethis our kosher here at ATS.. But if someone were to say, "Who do Americans Think Should be The Next Leaders of Blank" there would be ten kinds of hell.

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