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A little story

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 08:36 AM

It was around Halloween when everything dies. The mornings were getting darker at the dental clinic as we went in to work. We park across the street from the clinic and walk through the dark to the employee entrance. One of the 40 girls saw the bush in the gloom. The bush is shaped like a man. The slight breeze made the bush appear to move toward her. She ran, thinking it was a rapist, while calling her brother. The bush did not go after her.
The scared girl’s brother showed up in his big truck and screeched into the parking lot almost hitting some other girls. He jumped out and started running toward them. They thought he was a rapist and ran across the street but traffic trapped them on the median so they called the police. The brother turned around and went back to his truck and began to patrol around the area. Some other girls saw him and thought he was a rapist.
The police came a few hours later but did not exit their vehicle. The boss decided to hire a security guard. He was there watching the pretty girls go to work everyday. He had wanted to be a police man but failed the psych test. They said he was just too into punishing bad guys. He decided that in order to protect us he would have to search us for weapons. He really seemed to enjoy feeling the girls bodies and expanded his searching to the kids going to school. Some of the kids did not like this and they put a piece of Kleenex in the grill of his car as they walked by. The next group of students lit the Kleenex on fire. It melted his grill a little.
The next day there were two security guards. The new one was a methamphetamine addict and was very jumpy. He saw the scary bush in the gloom and opened fire on it. His partner came to his aid and they fired about 20 rounds into the scary bush. One of the bullets ricocheted back and wounded him in the head.
When he came to in the hospital he recounted how the man in the bushes appeared to be wearing a turban. Homeland Security was called in to see if this was a terrorist. They found that there were several Muslims living in the area and rounded them up. One of them had a website on his computer that was linked to terrorists. Soon a helicopter was hovering over us as we went to work. We had to pass through a security checkpoint where a gay guard was always rubbing my penis a lot. I told the boss that all the security
was really unnecessary. The boss decided that I was un-American and told the Homeland security guys. They picked me up and interrogated me for 3 days.
Neighborhood kids threw rocks at the security checkpoint and the national guard and a tank showed up. Razor ribbon went up all around. The soldiers began shooting each other in friendly fire incidents. Many people were arrested for living in the area. We were assured that we would be protected from the terrorists.
All it takes is one bush and life turns to #.


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