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New World Order Idea Destoryed by Iran

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posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 03:39 PM
It seems that Iran has completely destroyed the New World Order which was engineered by US neo-cons.

Iran said that last years victory of Hezbollah guerillas against Israeli Army was a last nail in coffin of the so called New World Order.

Most Europen analysts agree that Israeli defeat by Hezbollah guerillas was a disaster for both Israel and US from which it may never recover.

in Feb 2006, US wanted a "new middle east". Hezbollah had other plans.

Syria joined Iran in an axis to challenge President Bush.

Miss Rice was humilaited and Israel is not being forced by the US to give into those who only 18 months ago was calling terrorists.

Idea that Jerusalam could be given to Palestinians was total taboo for Jews.

Now Olmert is almost begging Arabs to take it.

US is now forcing Israel to play ball. No more stalling:

US now insists that Palestinian state has to come whether Israel likes it or not. And Israel has to give a lot more in heavy price then it would have done only 2 years ago.

Reality on the ground has changed too much now for Israel to demands things from US.

In 2006, Iran made decleration that it is not a nuclear nation.

This scared the pants off Bush and Cheney. There is nothing they can do. Bombing wont solve anything.

Iran has vowed to fire missiles at Israel if US were to attack its soil.

President of Iran has made freinds with south America.

US is losing relations while Iran is making allies.

I guess, New World Order is emerging, but not one that neo-cons in Washginton hand in mind.

Iraq is almost over for US. Bush is desperately trying to find a way to flee Iraq.

"1000 troops home this christmas", 1000 there, another 10,000 there being "pulled out."

What is all this?

Clearly, US is dragging its feet. All major thinks tanks admit that US is utterly been defeated in this useless and illegal war of Iraq.

Next few years may well see a whole new world emerging. One without US power or influence.

Iranian President's speech at Columbia University in New York, and one at UN in Sept 2007, reveal a lot about the new world order according to Islamic concepts.

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posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 04:26 PM
I wasn't aware that the NWO was associated with neo cons. I thought neo cons were more geared towards The Project For a New American century, with the focus being dominance over oil resources.
Do you have any information or links regarding the neocons NWO plan?

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 11:10 AM
I would say that Iran is stalling the New World Order.

i cannot buy that the neo-cons are the ONLY group in the world trying to achieve the new world order.

I am sure that most political parties in the worlds strongest governments are behind this. the neo-cons aren't even strong enough themselves to do this alone. thats why they had to get support from many democrats in congress and MANY other nations in the world.

Tony Blair (who is the unofficial lapdog of the whitehouse) was a LABOUR party candidate which is more likened to the democrats in the united states. link

here is a link with all of the countries that followed the US to war with iraq.

i think it is an important point to make that the New World Order has backed both sides of the wars in the past. leading me to beleive this is no different.


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