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NASA withholds civil safety report...

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posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 11:51 AM
For an Agency that is publicly funded and likes to steer clear of UFO type speculation and the moon hoax theory, I find this a bad idea at the very least from a public relations stand point.
I have no reason to not believe that we landed on the moon, or that aliens inhabit the moon and mars or other bodies in space but - for those who do believe such things - NASA helps grow a conspiracy.
Here is a link to the story from my local paper if you have not read about it yet.


NASA withholds results o civil safety survey.

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by vance

While i don't know, why NASA is involved in air traffic security, i personally think that

"Release of the requested data, which are sensitive and safety-related, could materially affect the public confidence in, and the commercial welfare of, the air carriers and general aviation companies whose pilots participated in the survey,"

is a very good reason.

If there are more people like me, who actually asked a stewardess to knock me unconcious during a flight ( no, she didn't and i nearly lost half of my weight sweating on that flight ), this makes perfect sense.

If the report would show, that "hey, everythings ok with our crew and technics" it would be released, so this story scares me quite a bit. In germany we had some reports about pilots FUI and it made some pretty big news and, i guess, hurt some airlines. Given the situation with the still existing 9/11 aftermath, this report could be very destructive on a economic scale. As a person who has to fly sometimes, i don't know, if i would want to see that report

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 12:51 PM
I understand where you're coming from. I guess the jest of my post is to imply that if they can have the power and wil to supress a report about Air safety as far as civil flight matters, then reasonably it comes that thye also have the power and wil to supress the E.T. habitation question among other things. So, I guess my post deals more with the question of hiding anything and in particular, info about the "Aliens". So as not to cause an uproar, panic, economic disaster or any number of other possibilities of disclosure. Kinda reminded me of the "Brookings Report" this subject did.
Thank you,

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by Phil J. Fry

your quote is the exact reason why it should be released. Profits should NEVER come before people. It shows that money rules the world, not compassion. That is the WORST excuse ever.

A publically funded program is catering to a business that doesn't fund them ... protect the few rich over the large mass that gives them all their funds.

I don't see how that makes sense at all.

Flying is dangerous, not safe. Anyone that flies shouldn't tell themselves anything different. Several hundred tons of metal flying through the air could never sound completely 'safe' to me. Add to that human error on the scale of hundreds or thousands of workers ... it is like playing the lottery.

Fly at your own risk. I think planes are great, but, you won't see me on one unless absolutely necessary. I understand the risk. I don't try to fool myself.

So a little of it is public naivety they wish to keep enforced.

and as vance said ... if they are willingly and publicly suppressing information that is common sense to protect the airline business, why would they not then protect and suppress info regarding something they and their cohorts control all the information being given to the public? It shows they are capable and willing. Doesn't make it so, but does fuel the conspiracy fire very well.

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 01:14 PM
Yes thank you, that was what I was getting at. I am not a very good writer as you no doubt have figured out and that is why I belong here a long time but rarely post - not very articulate I.

But I do not necessarily believe that NASA has hidden anything – up until now...
With things like this, they sure load the conspiracy gun full of bullets eh?

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by vance

Yes, you're right about that, they could supress information or reports about alien, and as i have no doubt, that the military is somehow involved in the nasa , strict orders would be given to hide as much as possible.
I doubt, that they could hide a thing like a full contact, but evidence - yes, i agree.

and to FreeThinker, i agree on that one on a certain idealistic level, but on the other hand, let's see.....a public terrified by air travel would need other ways to move large distances, so they'll switch to train and car (with a 10/90 ratio i would presume) this would enlarge the road traffic to some extend. Travelling would take longer, industrial good transports would take longer due to the traffic and therefor would get more expensive. All in all, in an (admitted) extreme case, this little report could make living much more expensive on a worldwide scale.
What would be the benefits in releasing a potential disastrous report ?
It is a very sad and depressing fact, that money DOES rule the world and compassion (at least from the media or the industry) is just good PR, but that doesn't make it less of a fact.

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 01:22 PM
What about this could frighten passengers? The FUI is something that can be managed and quickly. Institute a federal mandate for losing a pilot's license if found to be FUI. Also, make breath tests part of pre-flight checks.

Next - is the report showing near-collisions on the ground and in-flight? That is something a lot of us know about in terms of discussions with people who have been on those flights. I don't know if that would change since it involves a lot of ATC communications with flights. Maybe too-crowded zones cause more risk.

Now, if their report was based on near-collisions with non-earth-bound-air anomolies that cannot be explained. That would raise some eyebrows. Especially if NASA and FAA would release something that indicates something entirely out of our control is in the mix of air travel.

FUI - we have heard the news stories
Near-collisions - we have heard the news stories too
All else that could cause it to be hushed up - that's interesting.

Now, after the news that they're *not* releasing it, Congress has to act like they were hired to do - to find out why this agency of the government cannot release a document that all people should be made aware of. I'd like to heard why this isn't being disclosed.

... Unless ...

It's part of disclosure itself. Why not cover up a document like this temporarily and then release it through Congressional pressure. They could institute a means to show that disclosure really is the intent and the report from NASA and FAA is the first step to do this. Congress can assure their districts that they have an understanding of the situation and they feel it's ok to tell the people. Of course - should we trust the govt. in this case?

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posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 02:00 PM
Originally posted by Phil J. Fry

While i don't know, why NASA is involved in air traffic security.........

I forget exactly when it was, I think maybe the late 70's or early 80's the government, in an effort to get pilots to tell or disclose or admit absolutely everything that had a potential for the compromise of air safety devised a plan to get them to do it.

The plan was to issue a form on which the pilot could disclose what the problem was and promise him/her that in return for the immediate disclosure of the problem that the government would promise not to levy a fine on the pilot. I forget the exact details of the promise I think you could get a suspension but not a monetary fine.

The plan was to let NASA issue the form and keep the results, which were then shared with the FAA. That way the pilot didn't think it was a trick by the FAA.

The result was that everytime the least little thing happened, that if discovered, could put the pilot in jeopardy as to his license, the form was immediately filled out and sent to NASA.

All day long you could hear pilots who witnessed runway incursions, or other incidents would say over the radio, "Grab your NASA form."

So the result of all of this reporting was that NASA had a substantial collection of hundreds of thousands of normal and weirdo incidents, many of which the public doesn't need to know about.

And when I say the public doesn't need to know I mean that giving the information to the public is not going to help solve the problem any more than giving them information of UFO's or secret space stations.

Anything the public needs to know they can find on any major news network or on the internet.

The above comment does not mean that I necessarily agree, I am just stating fact.

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 03:27 PM
Ah Mr. Lear,
Thanks for your input sir, with both your knowledge of flight and NASA and the like. I first heard of you (though I am sure I wern't supposed to lol) from my late Uncle - Robert Edward Lee. I don't know if you would've remembered him or not - if you do, you knew him simply as Bob Lee, but he was involved in the operations and planning of quite a few of your missions in the black
. Also a "Government" pilot himself from about the 50's through I think 1980 when he retired - can't be sure of his retirement but I think about 1980 -81'. Boy, the things he told me about he never did give me the "top secret can't tell" lines that others gave me when I started asking. Well, that is another story in its self. Very honored to bump into you, I do however have the advantage of knowing more of you then you of I and for that, I apologize. Probably too out front here with this post at all huh?

Thanks Sir,

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 11:45 PM

Originally posted by vance
For an Agency that is publicly funded and likes to steer clear of UFO type speculation and the moon hoax theory, I find this a bad idea at the very least from a public relations stand point.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing when I read this story this morning and sure enough, somebody pointed it out on ATS.

On the other hand, this shows that NASA can't keep a secret…

The AP learned about the NASA results from one person familiar with the survey who spoke on condition of anonymity because this person was not authorized to discuss them.

[edit to add]

P.S. The difference in this case is you can bet your a__ the source was thoroughly vetted to the editors unlike the so-called “anonymous government insiders” of UFO lore.

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posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 09:09 PM
Now Senator Bill Nelson is demanding the results.
He is one of our Senators in Florida and by the way, he flew on a Discovery mission for NASA.

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