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Climate modification in Atlanta &the southeast...

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posted on Oct, 20 2007 @ 12:11 PM
Let’s suppose for a moment that TPTB are indeed controlling the long term climate and water resources of the southeast through the use of spraying chemtrails. What could be the long term goals of the operation?

A) Population reduction? Perhaps biological agents such as e-coli and staph are used in chemtrail spray as a means of a double-blind method of culling a small amount of population…apparently the young and elderly. Perhaps this method of delivery wasn’t too reliable and therefore climate control was the next best thing (besides a genetically engineered avian flu).

B) Race wars? Perhaps climate control will be used to divide the population between the haves/have nots. In Atlanta, this would generally (but not entirely), divide the population according to race. Would FEMA step in and distribute water and food or would they disappear or be slow to respond as in Katrina. Perhaps the supplies they did distribute would be contaminated with something.

C) Social experiment? Perhaps they are “softening” the southeast area for a one-two punch. If the southeast were hit by a nuclear or “dirty” attack perhaps TPTB would want more casualties by reducing the populations’ water and food resources. Or perhaps they just want to see how a major urban area will deal with shortages.

D) Hurricane Reduction? The TPTB response to Katrina. This doesn’t make sense for the fact that chemtrails are sprayed in winter also.

E) Military branch divisions? Perhaps 911 was an inside job and splintered the services. Atlanta holds several Air Force bases. The Air Force controls the nukes- perhaps they’re not playing along with a long term goal of nuking Iran. Judging from some recent jet aircraft crashes in N.GA, the NAVY are the ones spraying chemtrails.

F) Economic collapse? The southeast holds a large manufacturing base- such as the carpet factories in Dalton which takes lots of water (like Shaw Industries). A lot of business is conducted in Atlanta and Birmingham. Perhaps TPTB are liquidating US assets to pave the way for the Euro or Amero.

G) Artificial global warming? Perhaps climate control is being used to raise awareness and concern for a man-made or false phenomenon. Maybe this is to enact more strict controls/laws/taxes over oil so that someone profits (like somebody from TX).

These are just the obvious talking points. I’m sure there are others. Just to play it safe, I urge everyone to store at least a small amount of food and water. Personally, I have measured what I can get by with on the consumption of drinking water. Three gallons/week per person is what I am comfortable with (just on drinking water- this does not take into account water for food preparation). For a family of three, a three month supply of water would be about 150 gallons. I urge everyone in the southeast to take this seriously and to store at least a small amount of drinking water before it is too late. This is not too preposterous because in my local newspaper (Friday, Oct 19 edition) an article states that in Grundy County, TN the local water utility may have as little as three days worth of water supply left in Laurel Lake (the district’s source of drinking water) according to a report issued by the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency….better safe than sorry.

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