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ESB_Dr. Delgado's Human Experiments

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 04:35 AM
Does anyone have any knowledge of a possible conspiracy between the CIA, the Vatican, and Dr. Jose Delgado's impant devices which he invented while at Yale University where there is a Jesuit Divinity School. I believe that his devices the "stimoceiver" and the "transdermal stimulator" were perfected many years prior to his demonstration of stopping a bull sometime in the late 1960s. I do not believe that he would have taken any chances of having a bull come towards him unless he was 100% certain his implant devices would work!

I have read that he explored these devices sometime in the late 1930s while in Spain. I believe Dr. John Farquahar Fulton invited him to Yale University in 1950. They were both neuro-physiologists. He insisted that his test subjects had all their implants removed. His work involved EM, electronic monitoring. I believe that there is more to his story and that his devices were implanted throughout hospitals in America before 1968, so I mean years from 1950s to possibly 1980s.

This is an excerpt from one of his books written in late (?) 1970s:

In scientific literature there is already a substantial amount of information demonstrating the remarkable effects induced by ESB. The heart, for instance, can be stopped for a few beats, slowed down, or accelerated by suitable stimulation of determined cortical and subcortical structures, illustrating the physiological reality that it is the brain which controls the heart, and not vice versa. Respiratory rate and amplitude have been driven by ESB; gastric secretion and motility have also been modified by brain stimulation; the diameter of the pupil can be adjusted at will (Figure 7) from maximum constriction to maximum dilatation, as if it were a photographic camera, simply by changing the intensity knob of an electric stimulator

Page 97

I would like to know if anyone has more info about his work. I did read that he stated he was following up on radiation studies done by a Dr. Hess from the 1930s.

Looking forward to anyone's feedback, especially anything on his research from his years in Spain and from Yale University before his bull demonstration. For now I'll just call the 1930s to 1968 the "lost pieces of info of Delgado's sinister acts!"


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