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Of course a cover up, but...

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 10:27 PM
Why? I just thought of this question today, "why do governments cover them up?" Why not just let people know the truth? The ancients knew the truth and they weren't scared out of their wits crumbling their society! Why would the gov think this would happen to us? Or, even worse, they would possible cover up for another reason, the most popular reason for cover ups themselves. Like jfk and 9/11, they had something to do with it. How much control does any gov have in hiding it? Unless technology is leaking to them from the ET's (personally I think all integrated technology is alien).

Seriously, the germans made a mars landing with 2 suicide pilots, this was hidden and covered. They say landing a man on the moon was the biggest achievement by mankind, but the jerries went to mars 20+ years earlier! WHAT! Obviously the nazi's were in contact with aliens, I even think aliens killed hitler when he failed to take over the world.

Many nazi scientist were killed by the nazi's when they realized they were loosing (by the nazi's, or ET's). Some though, einstein, escaped germany, to america, and others were captured by americans and sent here with a 'deal'.

Possibly the aliens are thinking "ok guys, we tried the aggressive way to take over the world with nazi's, how about the easy going 'liberation' type way with america that will fool people..." I'm not saying this is true, but things could 'look' that way? Could they? I think rammstein's song "we're all living in america" says it all. I just don't know though...

Anyone agree or have same thoughts on this?

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