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Will Bush Re run in 2008?

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 09:40 PM

Good show.

This Video is a Prophet Claiming to be from the Tribe of Dan.
One of the 12 tribes of the Torah. Run out of Egypt for massive Murdering and Scare me very much.....

This Video Is very important If there is a NWO a Secret Society His Family is one of the Rulers!!!

Make no Mistake about it.

Hes not a prophet hes just informed from the inside!!!!

Research the tribes of Dan and Jacob!!!!!!!

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 09:43 PM
There is an entire Video about Jesus christ blood line comming back through british royal family. Claiming to be jesus's great grandson.

And will be the anti-christ. Some say Prince Edward.......

This is very important Da vinci code hinted to the some of this......

Do not embress the Fake jesus!

I can see it already happening someone save me!!!

The Tribe of Dan is one of the richest most bloodiest families in history.

Wealth dating back before Christ!!!!

If you think Rothschild is bad research these guys.
Son of Jacob and Dan were split into 12 tribes Jacob and Dan two brothers Head of state.

In like 800 BC lol!!!!

In fact Denmark is named after them

Meaning mark of dan(den)

[edit on 28-9-2007 by infamouskiller]

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 09:44 PM
Hm, I don't know if he has powers to cancel or not.

But, what if the election gets actually cancelled, would it cause the massive riot and such? I'm sure the president wouldn't want that.

Thanks for your post, infamouskiller.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 09:45 PM
Ever wonder what all the Fema talk is about!!!!!

This is the riot the revolution the marshell law they are preparing for!!!!

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