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New Maddie Twist??

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 04:27 PM
First post and somewhat nervous, so bare with me!
I have always enjoyed reading different threads on this sight and I admire many who skilfully find results in the search for answers.

I would like to say that the Maddie case is very sad. I wish my first thread was on a different subject. Like many my views on the case have been up and down and I have no fixed opinion on what happened.

I would like to share, with the members on this site who have an interest in this case an e-mail I received at work:

"Gerry McCann (father of the missing Madeleine) is a member of a government quango called COMARE (Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment) which opposes those campaigners who insist that childhood cancers are more prevalent around nuclear power stations.
McCann has direct access to Gordon Brown (Gordon’s brother Andrew is head of press at EDF Energy, one of the leading companies pushing for nuclear development) and a well-known government intelligence officer has amazingly been seconded as McCann’s minder. Is there more to the little girl’s disappearance than meets the eye?"

That particular section was an extract from mail addressed to a friend of a friend etc... The name of the person who said the above I don't know. All I could do was look at the websites for COMARE and EDF Energy to see if I could find the names of McCann and Brown and sure enough, I could.

Can the experts around here add anything? Do we know of any groups against COMARE?

The implications are quite crazy.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 05:23 PM
I didn't know about this. It is an interesting point, however, the signs of skulduggery in the cases (leaving out Madelein's disappearance itself) point to "insider meddling", possibly by the Portugese police. I'm talking about the DNA in the "hire car."

If the McCanns are innocents, then it appears as if the kidnapper/killer? may have planted evidence in the car to implicate them. I don't think a group opposing McCann's efforts on behalf of the government and nuclear industry would or could carry out a frame up like this. That is all supposing that it is a frame up.

Would such a group simply kidnap Madeleine in order to to make a political point? They haven't made the connection to the press as PETA would. Your post is interesting but I don't think there is anything to it.

The business about the intelligence agent being assigned to help the McCanns might relate to they're having to deal with Interpol investigations of international paedophile rings.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 05:29 PM
If an intelligence officer were assigned to the Madeline case then perhaps it might be a rationale that they could trawl for indications of abducted children being sold, or smuggled across borders.

For me personally I find it offensive that at least one parent must know she was killed the night of her disappearance and is stringing along the rest of us with a massive lie.

Yet more taxpayer resources being expended to prop up a parent's lies. The evidence that Madeline is dead and was in the boot of a car 25 days after her disappearance are impossible to ignore.

The Brown connection may simply reflect use of the old boys network and nothing more.

Thanks for raising the angle though.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 05:50 PM
Thanks for the reply,
It just seems weird that these connections haven't been reported in the press or for the campaign... Connections to the Prime Minister of England and medical work to ensure a safe environment for British children near nuclear plants could help the public keep faith with the parents.

I would be interested to know of people who have problems with any of COMARE's findings... Maybe we could be looking for a grieving parent who blames a COMARE report... Maybe the two are not connected but the findings could be interesting.

Not fully informed on the British Government's plans for Nuclear Power plants, but I'm under the impression we could be seeing more of them?

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