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Dumbing down the US Constitution

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 03:34 PM
The US Constitution is the foundation of the United States. It is Interpreted by the Court system in cases that are federal matters.

The problem is it is too vague, much like the bible. I can be muniplated word for word making the intended spirit diluted. The wording is not detailed enough to be used as a formal governing document. Judges spend their lives analyizing this document who's views would differ from others who have done the same. Political views can make a line of text mean something completely different than it's original intent.

The current American culture of being Politically Correct on all issues, privately or commericially has effectively bankrupted free speech. You can no longer strongly oppose another person without being labeled a radical or racist. In all cases, even the slightest hint of race being involved is considered racist, the worst label imposed by a overly sensitive public. Unfortunately, the media latches onto and inflames an already "racist happy" minority that uses the race card at the slightest indication. The is fed upon by fat cat liberal lawyers that care for nothing except a paycheck.

Now we have ended up with an apethic public with short memories that go home to play with their toy cars, toy TVs and electronics and sell out our culture to China and Mexico. It was once said " Are there any men left in Washington?" The answer is a resounding NO! The question today is "Are there any men left in America and when will they stand up for the country their parent's and grand parent's help build"?

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