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MSNBC's Shoddy Journalism and Bias Exposed Yet Again

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 05:47 PM
MSNBC has been going downhill for a long time -- but this really takes the cake. They ambush a congresswoman who was there for an interview about something else with this slimeball question. Then, they go further by giving the wrong name themselves:

A couple days ago, describing here the way MSNBC's David Shuster used a fallen soldier to play a tasteless "gotcha" game with Rep. Marsha Blackburn, (R-Tenn.), I surmised that things couldn't "get much lower."

I was wrong. They just did.

As it turns out, Pvt. Jeremy Bohannon -- the soldier whose name Shuster attacked Blackburn for not knowing -- had not, contrary to the MSNBC reporter's claim, lived in her district.

They should be ashamed of themselves!

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 06:46 PM

I'm just outraged that "Shuckster" didn't have the good sense to get the right name for his ambush of the Congresswoman... It shouldn't have been too hard to find it with Keith Olbermann dancing on the grave.

Looks like MSNBC is going to the Dan Rather card to try and do something about their pathetic ratings.

Relevance Monkeys, not just for what MSNBC has never had anymore...

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