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General Smuts....Psychic smeller?

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 02:57 AM
Hi all.

I was watching a documentary the other day about WW2 and Winston Churchill. It was on in the background... but I was listening to it.

Now apparently during WW2 Churchill had on his "War Cabinet" a General (from South Africa I believe) called Smuts. Nothing too special in another bloke wearing braid and broaches and uniform, I know but there was a minor event I heard mentioned in passing got me thinking.

After D-Day Churchill went to visit his troops near the front-line. The immediate area had been swept clean of enemy troops a day or so earlier and the area was secured....they obviously wouldn't want to take chances, with the Brit Prime Minister there as a trophy.

As they went to go into a building for a meeting, General Smuts said he could "smell" Germans nearby. The associated security staff said all was swept and clear and that there were no enemy about. But Smuts insisted that there were definitely enemy about, he could smell them and that he always could. Anyway they went into the meeting and no incident was reported.

However, a couple of days later two young German Paratroops emerged from some bushes nearby. They had been cut off from their unit and held up, secretly until they realised that turning themselves in would be better than being found.

It was mentioned in passing, as a kind of matter of fact thing in the documentary...but I found it quite amazing. I have looked on the Internet but so far have found nothing about Smuts and his psychic smell ability.

Now I have had two thoughts about this:

1) Years ago I can remember hearing that some Asian peoples could smell westerners because of a smell of "stale milk" they emanated. Is it possible that Smuts could smell Bockwurst, Sauerkraut or something from the German Paratroopers. (I am not stereotyping or trying to be humorous here!!)

2) Or did he have a "sixth sense" that allowed him to detect danger?

It makes me wonder how many other people had similar potential...

Your thoughts people?

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 03:01 AM
Out in the bush where the air is clear it would probably be because he could smell exactly what you said, the sausage, the garlic etc.

In Thailand my mother in law always knows where I am because she says she can smell me. I suspect its just the food we eat that creates a smell.
Garlic will penetrate through the body. BO, even the slightest amount can be smelled in clean air by people who dont have much body odour at all.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 05:03 AM
I also think it has a lot to do with what we eat. Often it comes out in our pores, etc. Maybe he was fortunate enough to have a heightened sense of smell? Or maybe it was a special gift where he could sense people through smell. It just seems more likely to me it was through their odours.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 05:11 PM
As for General Smuts having a psychic ability i cannot say ,it is "known" that he said he could smell Germans ,but i have to say as to reasons of food you gave explains it,he had a good smell for a certain type of food/s Germans ate and recognized the smell.

One man we believe who was psychic was "Nicolaas van Rensburg" or as we call him "Siener" ..said to be a prophet and a South African Nostradamus as so so much of his writings came true.He is rated the top psychic we know of being South African.

Here are some links to Youtube ..i think it is 3 parts ,total about 20 minutes,if interested.Parts 2 & 3 are on the scroll page..from WW1 to Saddam ..

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