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UN General Assembly 2007 watch

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posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 09:24 AM
I start this thread with the idea to deduct and discuss all the interesting points raised by world leaders during the UN General Assembly in New York. I will be most interested in the speaches of the representatives of US, France, Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Israel, Britain... We might even be able to get some new information on whether the world is in fact heading to a disastrous conflict in the near future.

I just watched Bush and in his speach he said more or less nothing. It was according to the expectations: Bush to U.N.: Join in 'mission of liberation'

The most interesting part IMO was that when he started speaking the Cuban representative got up and left the room.

Let's keep a watch on the activities during this forum and see if something real will come out of it...

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 11:27 AM
Here is a transcript of Bush's speech:
Bush's speech
And here is some of what Sakozy said:
Sarkozy's speech

From the link above:

He described the standoff over Iran's nuclear programme as "undoubtedly the most serious crisis before us today", saying a diplomatic push to rein in Tehran was the only alternative to "the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran." This broke with Mr Chirac, who had earlier suggested that a nuclear-armed Iran might be inevitable.
In another break with the Chirac regime, Mr Sarkozy hardened his tone against Vladimir Putin, saying Russia was using its oil and gas wealth with "brutality".

Unfortunately, I missed the French president's speech. Does anyone know where I can get a live feed? However, it seems The French (not that we did not know that) are now in the NWO bandwagon.

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