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Holy Slave Planet Batman!!!!

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posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 07:03 AM
If there is one thing I can deduce from all these UFO sightings/ that there are aliens and they are very involved in our history...
Bleak Future~
If there is one thing I can deduce from all the reasons why aliens are here, is that they are not here for our benefit. At least for the most part...

If there is one thing I can deduce from evidence of reincarnation and a true spirit is that there is. Also other planes of existence. Basically just more to "life"...

This through a lot of reading and watching video, interviews on radio, all kinds of fun stuff. And I'm not done yet. I hope to do more research. It funny how research goes you start with no info and you end up with a lot. You start out watching the odd video on u-tube or Google, then another, another, another, another and then bamm your off reading a # load of books listing to radio interview and before you know it you have a load of info and have to organize it. Basically this is what I've come up far that is. But IMO, basically....EEEEEAK

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 03:54 PM
I understand how you feel.

Then, once you start reading more and more, it just never seems to stop and then you have all this information you want to share with people you know.

And the minute you splurge on them about what you have found out. You sound like a crazy eyed lunatic to them. Why? Because you have built up this information of time and years will start to go by. This type of information is hard to digest for a lot of people when you show it to them all at once.

So over time, you will learn to communicate in a different manner and hope to plant a seed by using the right language that they can understand.

Which backups the only one reason why the government does not share UFO information, because it's shocking and can turn peoples world upside down.

Then only thing you can hope for is to just give someone one small piece of information and hope it sparks in interest so they can go look for themselves.

Good luck.


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