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Is export version of Igla MANPADs sold with SOSN night vision and C4I networking kit?

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posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 02:45 AM
Brazil and India have SA-18s, but so far I can’t find any info in which config.

Iran / Syria are also allegedly armed with basic SA-18/16 launchers / missiles.

Russian advertised version of Iglas-S is “offered with 9S520 night-vision and C2 system, enabling not only night operations but also integration of Igla systems into C4I systems, such as the 9S80M Sborka, 9S737 Ranzhir, MP-22P, RLS P-19 (1RL134SH3) or the older 9S482M6 (PU-12).“

That’s one serious force multiplier.

The digital electronics allowed the use of a more modern proportional navigation method in the missile guidance instead of line-of-sight guidance, which greatly increases the kill probability, especially against agile, maneuvering targets. The range of the Igla-S is increased to 6,000 m, approaching the range of early SHORAD systems, such as Roland 2.”

Here’s a picture of the full SOSN 9S520 package, it’s still VERY portable while offering immense force multiplier capabilities;

Furthermore, the Igla is not simply a weapon of opportunity. Sections equipped with the special 1L110 display panel, which looks like a field notebook computer, and a connection to the higher, integrated land-forces air-defense system, engagements by Igla units can be planned on a higher level of command and can be combined with engagements by other air-defense assets. So it happens that a group of enemy aircraft maneuvering to avoid air-defense fires can be pushed onto a deadly carpet of "needles," with operators aware and ready.

So basically we’re talking about a fully passive, network organized and highly coordinated MAPDAD SAM trap with the reach of a SHORAD.

SOSN is “snap on” kit equipped with a night vision sight, comm gear (including direct sat link) and a display panel which shows real time target coordinates relative to positions of other networked launchers.

Magnetic azimuth orientation sensor provides positioning data for networking tripod mounted “basic” launchers with 50 meter ECM proof data cable.

In such a way SOSN Igla can receive, prioritize, and then assign targets to address specific “basic” launchers which are enabled with individual target data receivers.

“Basic” launchers receive, process and display target detection cue, azimuth and distance from SOSN, all in real time, day and night.

Firing is coordinated by the main SOSN unit as soon as all networked launchers acquire target locks on their assigned targets.

Furthermore, apparently the twin “Dzhigit” launching complex can also be integrated into this mini-network to provide salvo fire capability which increase hit probability by a factor of 1.5 for each unit.

All of this is troubling to say the least.

By purchasing these SOSN kits, existing individual Igla SAMs can be easily networked and integrated into a national defense grid.

Such MANPAD SAM traps are virtually undetectable. The link is a one way wide band or sat comm. all while targeting data is fed by ground cables thus creating a completely passive system.

Now those SA-18 integration upgrades on ZSU-23/4 make perfect cense. Iran, Syria, and everybody else who can are upgrading.

Such an approach will literally force air power above 3k meters, and will do it on the cheap.

Anybody knows current status of SOSN/Dzhigit exports?

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 06:35 AM
I can only confirm that IGLA is fully able to share data with C4I systems, but as we use our own C4I systems i do not know what is the status with COTS russian export systems...

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