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What about creating an org. of volunteer contactees for ET?

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posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 11:32 PM
I was wondering if there might come a time when a group of people get together and create a organization with a constitution, of sorts, that spells out what exact conditions (security concerns) and what type of cooperation (medical and/or anthropological) the members would adhere to when engaged in contact with ETs as well as any what might be expected in return from ETs. This could create a population of willing contactees rather than abductees and a possible trade of information and or goods.

A volunteer organization would offer a better source of data since it is obtained from voluntary sources rather than abducted sources. It would would be especially valuable to have data from a calm voluntary source in the realm of anthropological data. The fearful state of an univited abduction experience could pollute the data because of the physiological and psychological aspects of the body's reaction to trauma, such as mental anguish, high amounts adrenalin, the corresponding build-up of of lactic acid, the effects of the adrenalin on the brain, etc. The quality of data from a calm willing individual could be valuable to ETs, valuable enough to make a return payment of some sort, payment in terms of data or technology.

One challenge would be to make ETs aware of such an organization. Consideration would have to be given to what type of media or communication of this type of organization or would ETs know about it without any formal promotional campaign.

Any ideas on what type of ground rules you all would think would be required for a willing person, or you, to have contact with an ET race?

SHould the volunteer contact group expect something in return, maybe anthro data on the ET species at a minimum, and maybe some technology that would prove they were in fact superior in intellect to prove once and for all ETs exist to the rest of humanity. SHould such a group become the economic owners of any technology traded to ETs, or should it be given for the benefit of mankind?

Any ideas on how such a volunteer group would make ET's aware of this organization to at least have the ability to make a decision yes or no?

I realize that ETs might not care or even understand the concept of asking permission, but if there were a way of effectively promoting the concept of trading for higher quality data, ETs could evaluate the cost/benefit to see if they could get some of what they want in exchange for some of what we want so both ETs and humans could walk away feeling like they both got a good deal.

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by Libertarian4life

Did you take the blue pill or the red one?

Why don't you go and then post from the ship and let us all know how things are.

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posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 08:16 AM
If someone disagrees with what ever I have said, isn't the appropriate thing to do is debate based on the post and to not attack the individual? If I have made some error in logic or reasoning, even though my post is entirely theoretical, I would like thoughtful well reasoned responses. All I am asking is that people responding to this have some decorum and politeness.

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posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 08:40 AM
I believe the biggest problem for this to work, is getting the funds for it.. It'll probably have to run for several hundreds of years, if not more, and there's quite a few things to keep up with...

IMO, it not worth it.

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 11:22 AM
Regardless of the topic de jour, volunteer orginizations are NOT easy. They have as much red tape to run and organize as a real business. I've been involved in several.

Assuming that a volunteer orginization is better off in any endevaor over a corporate or government based operation is a false assumption.

At best, they are the same in terms of difficulty. At worst, they are limited by federal and local laws which make things more expensive.

Say for example beaming transmissions into the air for purposes of alien communication. It requires alot of certifications and permits to transmit anything over the airwave in the scope necessary to reach space or each earthbound aircraft.

A volunteer organization will be a lot harder off getting those then a corporate or governmental agency because they lack the funds, the time, the know-how, and most important the crediability. If my neighbor started fulling around with a "transmission' device I would be pretty pissed if he shorts out power to the neighborhood or ruins my TV.

And I even support the idea, but my neighbor is by far not crediable enough in my book to be the one contacting aliens. So more then likely, permits would be denied. Now if ESPN down the street decides to do the same thing, for the same reasons, they would most likely get the permit no problem. Why? Cause the local and federal government knows they are experienced with such transmissions, and will be responsible, and more important rich enough to assume liability if things go wrong. If ESPN wants to contact aliens, I'm sure the local government won't mind, and in fact would use it for publicity as well.

Most true non-profit organizations have people at the to who either A) dedicate every living moment to running it or B) have so much extra bloody money they hire somebody else to run it. If your A, let your gods bless you in such work. If your B, I envy the heck out of you ;-)



posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 02:55 PM
I agree that this would cost some money, probably more than UFO orgs could generate. Maybe the Ansaris, the people who gave ten million for the X prize, might be inclined to fund this. I think it would only need a little venture capital to start, less than one million, and some more to fund a promotional effort, maybe a mulitple balloon contstructed projector/screen appartaus launched that could project a video onto a large screen at 100,000ft using several high powered batteries. I doubt if the cost more than anohter millions to get some balloons and light weight aluminum framing and projection equipment/batteries up to weather balloon ceilling of about 100,000 ft. I would also imagine there would need to be mulitple launches adn tracking to see if ET would come to investigate.

This is just hypothetical, but I am having fun just thinking about what could be done. I have a feeling that with enough input from other members of this board the amount of creativity from you all could come up with spectacular ideas for a minimum of funding. If people set thier mind to make something work rather than try to find reasons why it wont, most problems can be overcome. Its the power of brainstorming and it has been working long before it was proven contrary to the prevailing science of the day, that it is not impossible to land on the moon. If we can land on the moon you would think that would could get something aloft that would get attention of ET should they exist.

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