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To muse of GOD

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posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 11:09 PM
Here I go, My opinion. Feel free to strip my theory down!

Throughout all reality in consciousness there is a duality.
Light/Dark, Good/Evil, Black/White, Love/Hate etc.
The problem in my opinion is that religion has always concentrated on one extreme (light) and dismissed dark.
The esoteric origins did not miss this.
In order to experience one extreme you need something to measure it against, hence you cannot experience pure light without experiencing pure dark.
This is the nature of God, the experience of itself.
We are all apart of it and collectively we are God in one consciousness.

In my opinion God as light, created dark to experience itself.
The Christ (Anointed one) is the light within each subset of the one consciousness, Hence the strive to experience oneself.

The evolution of consciousness at man's evolved stage:
1) Born in Neutrality.
2) Born again, the conscious choice of light.
3) Kingdom of God (the original state of light’s collective consciousness).
In summary it’s the experience of god’s one self.

Jesus is the allegory musing of extreme light or god (god’s son/sun)

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posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 01:13 AM
Reality in consciousness exists because of duality, because of the perception of opposites, of light and dark, of good and evil, of hot and cold. All of these things are subjective and relative to it's opposing extreme.

It is common to cast light as the good and dark as the evil, as darkness is where the unknown and the feared lie, but God manifests itself in both of these things, as light and as darkness. We create light and darkness as our reification of our perceptions.

The nature of God is openness, sponteneity. Not duality, not oneness, not nothingness nor anything that can be enumerated. This also makes Your true nature openness.

However, your nature (your, little 'y') is experience. We exist as the experience of God because God, being everything and everywhere, can go nowhere and has no opposition with which to do anything.

All that is, it is all God. You are still God, but lost in a pretend experience seeing only a very limited part of Yourself and believing that your totality is the ego developed relative to the subjective experiences it perceives.

Born in ignorance, reborn realised as to Your true nature, and the Kingdom of God realising that it is all things Here and Now.


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