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posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 04:33 PM
This is a new series on Fox starring Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser as two partners, fighting crime in post-Katrina, New Orleans.

From writer and executive producer Jonathan Lisco (“NYPD Blue,” “The District”) comes K-VILLE, a heroic police drama set – and filmed – in New Orleans. Two years after Katrina, parts of the city are still in chaos, but hope has emerged. Battling an upsurge of violence, understaffing of police forces and a lack of crime labs and other facilities, the cops who remain in the New Orleans Police Department have courage to burn and a passion to reclaim and rebuild their city.

MARLIN BOULET (Anthony Anderson) is a brash, wry, in-your-face veteran of the NOPD’s Felony Action Squad, the specialized unit that targets the most-wanted criminals. Even when his partner deserted him during the storm, Boulet held his post, spending days in the water saving lives and keeping order. Now, two years later, he’s unapologetic about bending the rules when it comes to collaring bad guys. The stakes are too high, and the city too fragile, for him to do things by the book.

I Tivo'd last week's pilot episode, and just watched it now. I am really impressed with this show, it's writing, and the acting. It portrays the state of New Orleans in a very honest fashion, and I think it will raise the awareness of the uninformed. A lot of people are under the impression that New Orleans has returned to it's previous glory, before the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Clearly that is not the case, and the public should be informed.

If this information is going to come in an hour long drama on the Fox network, then so be it.

I think it is a great show that had a great pilot. Hopefully the follow up episodes are just as strong.

It currently airs on Monday nights on Fox, after Prison Break.

Be sure to check it out.


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