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Tensions in Georgia

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posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 02:07 PM
I can't believe there isn't a word about this in the western media. War seems VERY close between Georgia and Abkhazia. For those who do not know, this also menas Georgia will be up against Russian forces stationed in Abkhazia. If Georgia will attack Abkhazia, Russia will not back down and let the two fight, they will stand by Abkhazia for sure.

Here are some links:

Interfaz gives a basic outline of a situation. I do find it funny though that in a description on a fierce gun battle between Abkhazians and Georgians (aided by Georgian SF units ) the outcome is one in which no one gets hurt. Personaly I think that's just ridiculous...or each side forgot live ammo back at base or something.

Now I took a look at Despite the load of crap that it is I was sure they would give a bit more detail as to what happened.

2 soldiers dead, 4 wounded, and 10 mysteriously does that happen? I would personally give more credit to an outcome like this. The Georgian allegations are just utter BS though IMO.

Georgia's allegations:

Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili said the clash happened not in Abkhazia, but in Georgian-controlled territory, near the Kodori Gorge. He said gunmen attacked workers building a road in the gorge, but were repelled by security forces.

The Interior Ministry later released a statement saying just six gunmen were detained: "The (ministry) views this incident as the latest attempted attack on the Kodori Gorge by Abkhazia."

The gunbattle prompted the president of Abkhazia's unrecognized government to call an emergency meeting of security and military officials and issue a harsh warning to Georgia."Georgia committed an act of aggression and we shall respond with urgent, adequate measures," President Sergei Bagpash was quoted as saying by Interfax.

1.Why would abkhazia attack road workers?
2.If soldiers attacked a group of road workers don't you think all the road workers would be dead in the folowing few seconds?
3.If Abkhazia sends in an infiltration force why would they engage road workers during their mission, and if their mission was to actually kill Georgian road workers (lol) why didn't they leave by the time georgian security forces got there?

Who comes up with this stuff?

For a biger insite on what has ben happening in Georgia over all here is a fairly good outline:

You guys might want to look into this. If the US should ever engage in an operation in Iran, Georgia will let the US deploy on it's soil. US troops in Georgia while Georgia is fighting a war in Abkhazia with Russia....don't know about you people but a scenario like that scares me.


PS: I have alot of connections in Baku, Azerbaijan. They tell me that the US is building two very large air strips in the remote parts of that country to use in case of military operations in Iran. I have not been able to find ANY info on this online to present to you as hardline evidence, but perhaps some of you can. Keep an eye out for anything regarding this.

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