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Steve Fossett Living A New Life in England

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 02:42 PM
This is a dream my husband had just recently........

Steve Fossett and a beautiful young woman standing next to him, with water surrounding them. They appeared well dressed and smiling. The woman had long dark hair and dark clothing, with a low cut top. She appeared to be Native American with light tan skin. Steve was wearing dark colored slacks, with a white shirt. They were standing on something which could have been, in the water. I don't know. This was like a snap-shot photo and pretty clear.
My husband feels Steven left alone and immediately picked up this woman outside the state of Nevada. It was planned way in advance ie- change of identification, money stashed, ect...... He is now in England awaiting a face-lift & hair color to match his new identity. There were slight few who knew of Steves plans and transformation. Only those who were absolutely necessary, in order to make this all come about.
Steve had obligations and was getting tired....He wanted out. The young woman met Steve a year or so ago. Now he can live without the media and start a whole new life. He will have a son who will follow in his fathers footsteps, by another name.

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