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how to contact ufo's

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posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 06:11 PM
does anyone know how to contact a ufo's,,,people who gets abducted must be doing something gain their attention,,,

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by donthizz

Unfortunately, your post reflects the current trend of thought amongst many researchers and enthusiasts of the UFO phenomenon. But before I go any further, I must apologize for beginning on such a note.

A UFO is any object that cannot be identified as one of the following:

a. Conventional (civilian or military) aircraft
b. Celestial body
c. Other natural occurrence

Given our culture today, it is all too easy (although erroneous) to equate UFOs with occupied extraterrestrial aircraft. There is an abundance of lore involving abductions and manned alien craft. It should also be noted that no two abduction accounts are the same -- although they share many similarities. This could be either due to the unreliability of human memory, or the fact that the reports themselves aren't entirely real. Let's not forget that such conflicting reports can also be observed in other "paranormal" fields -- When you have the time, read up on NDE accounts from Christians, and their descriptions of the afterlife.

But if one were to presume that extraterrestrials are indeed flitting across our skies, why would you want to contact them? To go by your reference, the abductees generally have unpleasant tales involving their initial unwillingness, and subsequent helplessness in the hands of their captors. Do you really wish to be involved in the same?

Perhaps the only thing I can suggest is that you clarify your intention. You might find that you don't actually want to contact them at all. And in the event that you do want to contact them: everything happens as it should. If such a contact is necessary, it will occur -- regardless of your actions, or possibly through them.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 07:23 PM
i know some people have gone through some unpleasant experiences but i also know some of these people such as jim sparks, after some difficult initial Experiences have seen things that some would would only dream of seing in their life time. i know i sound like selfish brat but in a way my Curiosity is willing to any risks.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 08:00 PM
But our curiosity is natural, isn't it?
It's certainly not selfish.

There was a time I believed that 'aliens' would be appearing any day to converse with me and inform me of my special destiny... or perhaps, take me back to a planet where everything was as I dreamed it would be. As time went by, I gradually learned to view the extraterrestrial question from a different angle: one that wasn't tainted by my opinion of it.

Today I know that Interplanetary exploration (or contact between two worlds) involves many factors -- most of which humans haven't come to understand yet. I understand too that fervent belief can prove detrimental to the (self-described) serious researcher. In our world, almost anything can be corroborated with factual evidence; even conflicting viewpoints. And although it is appealing to think that a benevolent extraterrestrial (or interdimensional) force is watching our race and waiting for us to "ascend to a higher frequency", there is currently no reason to accept that as fact -- any more than there is reason to accept anything else as fact without adequate proof.

Still, I watch the skies and hope I see something
An open mind will take you to many places; this is what I have come to see.

[edit on 9/22/2007 by Mr Jackdaw]

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 03:12 AM
I often wondered about aliens, UfO''s and such when i was a child.
Several years ago i began seeing things in my dreams for some reason
that coincided with prophecies i had seen on TV but was not sure
of whether to accept or reject so i decided to forget about instead. The dreams kept showing a large red sun or planet approaching earth, which i didn’t see on TV or imagine either, it was (in the dreams) too large to imagine and it was scary. Volcanoes would erupt and earthquakes and tsunamis' were everywhere in these dreams. The dreams continued and some showed 2 suns set in the same place one larger than the other and that was actually beautiful to see rather than death and destruction and everyone i know and love dying. Well they were dreams right?
Okay, Until the day i actually saw it in our city here (not dreaming now) 2 suns setting, one above the other. It was shocking to say the least. I kept looking for this day after day, and saw it yet again. I researched google to see what came up and found posts of others who had the same dreams and saw the same 2 suns. Some had pictures. Then thanks to google once more really by some luck i found a link to a website, here --> that well, offered this "free" blue book that spoke all about a huge large red planet approaching us that would end life here as we know it with catastrophes.?? Now Aliens are mentioned in that book as well!

I took the book as it was with no criticism since all these occurrences were almost like science fiction. Well you (or I) just don't expect these things to happen in real life. (excuse my ignorance maybe) So I got the book free just as they stated and paid no shipping either, which was too odd as everyone wants money these days. Well anyway after reading the book i definitely needed to know more so emailing the site owner over and over with countless questions and learning whatever else i could about that "spirituality" spoken of in the book, he/she guided me to get to the point to where i could understand what is and what isn't. The stuff isn’t that easy to do by the way since its all new to me at least so i really had to make an effort as it’s easier to be lazy and just do nothing. But as the Bible did say “seek and you will find” (sorry i'm not that religious) so its not like there’s a choice now since i needed to know. Okay so i kept the effort up and i did get results fairly
quickly. This was definitely surprising as it opened up many other doors for me.
So to cut a really long story short there's a lot i probably can't say here as i might sound mad and crazy but to my end point now i know with my eyes that these 'aliens' are real and that damn planet is also real. I don't get how this works but that (damn) planet is actually the second sun i saw with our sun setting. So i think determination’s the key, if you really want to find out about something then you can. I would say and agree with the site owner of not believing in something or rejecting it either, but being in neutral with “i don’t know”. Then i don’t know becomes either now i know its real or its not real. So with the contacting of these aliens, i’d say if you really want it to happen and want to prove
or disprove then just keep on with one intention and pray to God (if you believe in God) for help with this in whatever language you happen to speak, on and on just don’t stop until you get what you need to. If you don’t have any beliefs then all the better because i don’t like the idea of “believe” then it appears in your life cause you made it happen somehow....... (as in “The Secret”) believe like those who believed the earth was flat but were wrong, but shaped their minds into a terrible state that the earth was indeed flat and lived their lives according to that ignorance and stoned or killed those who opposed.
Hope my ramblings have been amusing so far, and somewhat helpful to anyone out there who’s dreaming of the end or looking for aliens.

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