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Clarence Dacre - and the Wow! signal

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 10:47 AM
I used to think much of the UFO stuff was nonesense, due to the vast distances any alien race would have to travel.
That all changed when I read the curious case of Clarence Dacre, an ex Pentagon "NontestCom" employee.
Dacre claims that we received a signal back in 1977, called the Wow! - and that the NSA discounted it for its own ends.
Another message was received, it turns out to be this damn suppercomputer virus! Freaky!"
Does anyone know about Dacre or NontestCom? If so I'd like to hear more.

For further see...

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 03:42 PM
Thanks for posting...

Yes, the Wow-signal is very well known and remains a one time mystery-signal SETI has received (as far as we, the public, knows, at least)

So computerworms are alien stealth technology? haha... the story you linked too is intriguing at first and a fun read but I it's a bit too far out there I believe, SF if you ask me, never heard of nontestcom by the way... the way it is written just doesn't make a lot of credibility... any opinions?

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 08:35 AM

Clarence Dacre, has come out of the radio noise and explained why SETI has not managed to find a signal - yet.

[I've posted a direct link to it above... but it doesn't all appear for some reason.]

I don't know why you say his claims are "SF".

Travel at or near or even a tiny percentage of lightspeed is the 'science fiction' - and will remain so. Certainly the speed of light and beyond will remain forever fiction. And that is a universal constant that may determine how any species in our stellar neighbourhood and beyond may act.

Surely any advanced ET would use its technology of light speed communications, or any beyond that if it exists, not necessarily to communicate, but to Trojan its way through the cyber door. Where's the fiction in that, it's entirely plausible.

In fact. lightspeed communication (for now not beyond LS), also brings the opportunity to cyber colonise other species, over vast distances, and vast stretches of time; our computers laying down the thoughts, ideals and technologies of an alien ET species - by stealth.

In fact there might be a moral imperative to intercede in such a manner, rather than by a more physical approach.

In fact, providing the targetted species (that's us or them) had a qualifying technology to make the undertaking worthwhile, it woud be a universal duty; if not for curiosity's sake alone.

The world-wide-web may prove to be an Interstellar-web (ISW) that connects us to our future friends - or masters. (Likely the latter.)

Reverse the thought.... A species four light years away has just discovered radio, then TV. Do you wait for the technology of Alpha Centaura Proximus to catch up with you? Do you help them catch up with you? Or do you wait until the time becomes right to add those 'controls' that would allow... whatever?

Beats crawling along at sub-sub lightspeed, landing in a huge flying dish, saying "Take me to your leader (if you can all agree on one). And, oh, you worship what type of being?"

Oh... I forgot.... And the stellar species you have been 'watching' is incredibly unpredictable; it goes to war quite often then makes love with its enemy, it is paranoid then apathetic, and the images on its tv well... that comedian George W Bush is quite funny.

Would you not seek to enslave its technolgy? If so, with what? It has a stellar technology in its infancy (the world wide web and others). Why not send a Trojan... then, when they listen for signals, all they get is ... background noise, and a peaceful yet chaotic universe.

Galactic censorship.... just the way we like it on Planet Zeephelbrod.

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 02:14 PM
It's a bit scary to imagine an alien race having control over a terrestrial botnet more powerful than Blue Gene. Especially when Blue Gene can rival the computational power of the Human Brain!

I find the editor's note on that article to be interesting:
Editor’s note. Whilst going to press we received email from the Pentagon press office. “There is no Lieutenant Paul(sic) Dacre employed at the Pentagon, or in any of are (sic) armed services,” it read. “Neither is there a Lieutenant Dacre employed at Nontestcom.” An extremely interesting response indeed… TheBigRetort had never mentioned Dacre’s rank - he had not informed us of it – nor a "Nontestcom”, which stands for Non-Terrestrial Communications. Unfortunately efforts to confirm the above with ‘Lieutenant’ Paul 'Clarence' Dacre have proved fruitless. His phone line has been terminated. Utility companies claim that no one with the name has ever resided at the address and the PO Box initially used for contact has ceased. Asked who settled the bill, the local shopkeeper controlling it said, “Nontestcom.”

[edit on 26-9-2007 by curiousbeliever]

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 02:49 PM
(scratches head)

It didn't take long to find him or someone like him.

These guys act like he's in hiding or something.

Dacre, Paul C, age 47, Frederick Md, 2 dependents

Now, it might not be the same guy, this one's not a Lt. Some of the rest of it fits, though, sort of. Of course, him not being a Lt, the disclaimers fit.

(checks) Yup, the DoD Armed Forces lookup denies Paul C Dacre in terms of prior service. (check) Also, there are only five currently active service members with "Dacre" as a last name, none of them Clarence or Paul. The SOUNDEX lookup returns some Dacres, the S might be silent, but no Pauls, no Clarences.

Maybe the entire thing is a smoke screen. The fake po box and temporary phone is an old trick, they use it as a cutout when meeting people you don't intend to talk to again.

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