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Proof in the pudding

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posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 01:19 PM
"Now I've been called crazy. To fade me, it's not possible. I give a **SNIP** what you thought or who you bought with you."--2pac. Yes, I relate!

The higher power I came to know exists left no evidence of its existence, but did leave 3 witnesses with myself included. What did we witness? Well we witnessed a change in the laws of nature. (Keep in mind that the witnessing by more than one got to be true!) And I alone once, way after that witnessed event, witnessed a change in the laws of nature myself in another lil event. (This is how I figured out I was the one being singled out by a higher power.)

Now let me ask you readers this:

Case 1. If you're with two other ppl in the back yard to a part gated yard to a house...the rain started raining down everywhere else but inside the yard (I'm talking rain came down in the form leaving out just the yard--Before you read on, do you know what shape a yard is?)...and you could see the rain coming down up to the yard but not entering inside for about 40 to 60 sec (Let's say about an even inch or less away from ALL edges of the yard)...what the **SNIP** would you conclude?

Case 2. And if a shape of light appeared on a wall in your room in the dark...and you look away and look back continueously...and nothing you seen in the room or knew of in the room made that light...What the **SNIP** would you conclude?

I tell you what I concluded... There is a higher power! How can rain leave out just a shape of a yard? How can a shape of light be on a wall from nothing?

^^^That is just the tip of the iceberg because I experienced more from the Higher Power I'm not telling you about. I'm even talking about more on the inside of my brain. Imagine feeling something as if it's using the very chemicals in your own brain to form informative knowledge unto you. And imagine that informative knowledge is as if intelligently responding to something else that is going on with you in your life such as a harmful situation. I take it all as 110% proof of their being a higher power that shows some kind of caring of its chosen. And dont be envious of me because It singled me out and not you (yet maybe) to reveal things to.

Any comments? Any questions?

A bit of truth I will share with you readers is that you dont have to worship this higher power. And this higher power isnt God (God is man made so act like you know). I remember becoming very releaved once I found out that man made God dont exist. Astral projectors go to hell is also what I was informed about from this higher power. I dont care who wants to knock me for relaying that lil bit of scary detailed information, it's the truth from the greater source of the Cosmos.

I was singled out by astral projectors too... They harmed me and still do from time to time. But it's no fun when the rabbit got the gun, is it? Astral projectors are singled out for hell. Word **SNIP**life! Why lie? Giving me hell and all but turns out cant get away with it means it is just **SNIP** for astral projectors.

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