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Revolution truly by the people!!!

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posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 07:17 AM
Few people understand the massive heap of trouble we are in. So I will take the time out of my busy insomniac "should be sleeping in the normal world" day to explain it to you... again. We are on the brink of World War III, which some say we've always been on the brink of since the end of WWII. The difference? There are several. Number one... people aren't afraid of us anymore. Some smaller countries are still afraid and vulnerable to our bullying, but most countries in the loop, such as Iran, know that this empire we've let the corporations steal and re- build into a ravenous destructive is now in debt up to it's eyeballs to every country under the sun. We are operating now on other countries' wealth, supplied to us by trade for wapons of mass destruction. Our money is valued upon nothing. The Federal Reserve Bank has not backed this fiat money up with anything other than Americans blind faith in the value of it's "glorious" country's currency for decades. The only currency we have left to bargain with is the war machine. A recent scandal, which the newsmedia made no haste in burying before it was out of the gates, was a leaked report about 6 nuclear weapons mysteriously vanishing from Minot AirForce Base in North Dakota. How do you just "lose" nukes? No, not "oops, our bad". That will not suffice this time. "Where did those nukes go?" should be the words screaming out of every American's mouth right now. Either the US is planning some sort of secret nuclear strike on a foreign target (???), or maybe someone at the top is doing some shady arms deals to some foreign government. Either way, it's EXTREMELY dangerous and EXTREMELY disturbing... disturbing enough to start a revolution??? Well, let's think of the consequences of this action. If the first assumption was true, this is extremely dangerous because when the retalliation comes, the American population will be completely unprepared, and most likely unaware until it's too late. If the latter is true, it may not pose an as immediate threat as the first, but still the fact that the government is in bed with the "enemy" should give you a pretty good idea of the game being played here. It's being played with all of our lives. We are but two things to the top seats of power in the WORLD (notice I didn't just say America. It's happening everywhere on different levels.): we are but efficient batteries for the giant killing machine known as the economy, and we are but pawns in a giant bloody three dimensional spherical board game known as New World Order. We need to wake up now becaause this is not just conspiracy theory anymore, never was. It is and always has been FACT. We need to all get up and act like adults... not pretend like we're adults with our balancing acts and our 8 to 12 hour slave labor so we can afford to pay for our prison that's so damn comfy, we don't want to ever escape it. It's time to know, now and again, what real responsibility is. Unless, of course, you'd rather stay put as a slightly educated sheep in a glorified pen. The very second that another war is announced, we need to drop every little piddly thing we are doing and revolt. We need to carpool in masses and descend upon Washington in numbers never before seen, and we need to take it back. We need to seize control of that whole city, and arrest every offical, every senator, every representative, every single beurocrat and politician in that city, because they are all either liars or brainwashed fools, which makes them ALL dangerous... they are all guilty until proven innocent, because we put all our trust in them, and they lied to our faces. They said no more war, no more taxes, no more spying on innocent people, no more abuse of presidential power... and what happened? All of those things and worse happened since this country's INCEPTION (more like DEception), with all of our so-called representatives flaking out, and still having the nerve to take long vacations at OUR expense!

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 07:18 AM
continuing my last post.....

You'd be a damned fool to think about waiting another year and a few months to see if pretending to vote in a new white house stooge will do anything to change it. I dunno about you, but I've had it with politics, and the illusion that the people can change its hidden-in-plain-view ultimate agenda. This is about peace this time, and all politics do is sell us more war, sell us more laws restricting our freedom to choose, more taxes, more of all the things we never asked for but were fooled into accepting by people with nice faces and expensive suits. We don't need guns to do this. We have strength in our sheer numbers, if people would just realize that YES, they have been fooled on a massive scale, but also, YES they have the ultimate power over their fate, and YES it is their responsibility to see to it that they use that power for the good of not only themselves, but everyone around them, for the good of EVERYONE around the world, because we are all one, and not a single person's suffering will go unnoticed once we have remembered what we are here for. Not to kill each other for supremacy of some mind controlling religion over another mind controlling religion. Not to hate somebody because they are different. Not to think that the 5+ billion people in the world starving and suffering under poverty level don't affect us. Not to horde resources for ourselves to feed our greedy corporately entrained super-egos that aren't even ours for the most part anyways... but to learn to love each other and solve our differences through empathy and tolerance. This cannot be achieved by any other means besides total revolution by the people. No armies, no generals, no battlefields, no violence. Just strength in numbers, and the knowledge that, no matter what happens to us, even if our lives are on the line, we stood up for what was right, and, through a relatively small amount of suffering and inconvenience, can come a new age of peace and prosperity for everyone. We just need to stand up and demand it! WE ALL NEED TO.

I'm gunna set this deadline for myself, and anyone who reads this and wants to join me:

The VERY MOMENT the USA initiates ANY more war, that is it. This country is being turned upside down by the people. Anyone who is with me, let's get the word out.

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 07:22 AM
I'd like to add that we shouldn't be fighting over what country is better, because in the end, despite all the fluff, that is what war is all about: supremacy. Supremacy, death, and destruction for profit. It should NOT be tolerated AT ALL... and as the friggin saviours of the world that so many Americans think we are, maybe we should REALLY set an example for the rest of the world, because it all starts with the people... NOT the country or it's government.

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 07:27 AM
oh by the way, I know most people on here know about the missing nukes, and prolly way moe politics than I do, but you can see how I feel about politics.... this was amostly excerpted from my own personal blog, so don't feel offended if it has any condescending feel to it. My blog is mostly directed towards the general population.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 02:55 PM
This reply is simply to say, please use paragraphs.

Reading through long, drawn out diatribes is often quite difficult. I can understand that sometimes people just want to rant, need to rant, but it would be nice to see and read posts that have unified ideas isolated into individual paragraphs.

I know that many folks avoid such lengthy, uninterrupted posts even though the content may have been quite interesting and worthwhile. However, because such posts appear daunting and even difficult to read, they skip right by them.
It's a shame, really. This could have easily been avoided by using paragraphs.

benevolent tyrant
Forum moderator

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 12:47 PM
Definately break it up a bit.

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