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Somone has FINALLY taken the air out of Blackwaters Sails

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 08:19 AM
U.S. halts civilian convoys in Iraq

I am not a huge fan of Blackwater Security. To me they are nothing more than civilian soldiers, mercenaries and are given free reign to do whatever they want to do, especially in Iraq.
I know the government wants them their because they can be in places do do the things that the military cant or wont do, plus it adds to the number of boots of boots on the ground.
There have been numerous reports of these guys misusing their powers and abusing people but the military has really tried to keep any news about them under wraps...


he deaths sparked anger in Iraq and prompted officials there to order security firm Blackwater USA to halt operations in the country, though the U.S. State Department said the company remains active.

A State Department warden's message advises that the U.S. Embassy "has suspended official U.S. government civilian ground movements outside the International Zone" -- the formal name of the central Baghdad district that houses the embassy -- "and throughout Iraq."

The suspension is because of "a serious security incident involving a U.S. Embassy protective detail in the Mansour District of Baghdad," the statement said. It went on to say the suspension will allow assessment of security and of "a possible increased threat to personnel traveling with security details outside the International Zone."

Blackwater said its employees "acted lawfully and appropriately in response to a hostile attack," when a State Department convoy came under attack, but many Iraqis, who have long viewed security contractors as mercenaries, dismissed this contention.

"We see the security firms ... doing whatever they want in the streets. They beat citizens and scorn them," one Baghdad resident, Halim Mashkoor, told AP Television News.

"If such a thing happened in America or Britain, would the American president or American citizens accept it?"

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