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Are Drugs and Fake Money on the rise ?

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 05:04 AM
Ive noticed since i started going to college in a bad area that every one has fake money, give some one a 10 and they'll bring back 50. I have'nt done this because i have some morals. Has any oen else here noticed that the amount of fake money about has rose abit.

Ive also noticed drugs are every where, im talking about a bit of cannabis, im talking about hard hard drugs, its so bad. Ive never realy been phased by drugs, ive seen them being taken and i stay away form using them basicly. But there is so much class A drugs around, i eman this isnt hard to get its EVERY WHERE. Go out get your 50 for a 10 and go and get 50 pounds worth of crck coc aine, this is rediculas.

I was talking to my teacher about all the drugs and fake money and the general illegal goings on of 1000's of people in this college, and he said " We knwo whats going on, theresno point in trying to stop it now, its got too big", Those wernt the words he said, i crnt remeber them precisly, but there damn near close.

Any one else noticing this >?

Take Care, Vix


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