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Billy the Kid Hoax, Just in time for the Movie

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 07:02 PM

Down in Roswell, on Mar. 25, 1994, the government liars and their agents and
dupes, were ballyhooing up a "conference" over the "Roswell Incident", coinciding with
the filming of the T.V. production, "Roswell". They have two main tourist attractions in
Roswell. One of them is the "Roswell Incident" hoax, and the other is the "Billy the
Kid" hoax. Recently, information has come to light that William Bonny (the "Kid"), was
not killed by Pat Garrett, but died Dec. 27, 1950 at almost 91 years of age, in Hico,
Texas, going by the name O.L ("Brushy Bill") Roberts.
This was documented by Dr. C.L. Sonnichsen (Alias Billy the Kid, 1955, written
for William V. Morrison). Dr. Sonnichsen was a well established historian, who was
often published through the University of Oklahoma Press, other Universities, and some
private presses. I met him twice, once in the printshop of Karl Hertzog, the typographer
for the press of the University of Texas at El Paso, and a second time in Santa Fe, where
he attended a Southwest writers' conference, and we had a very enjoyable supper
together at the La Fonda Hotel. He was well-acquainted with my old friend, J. Evetts
Haley, the western ("cowboy") historian, and with Tom Lea, the painter, muralist, and
writer, who wrote and illustrated the book, The Mustang11. You can imagine the reaction
of the "Kid" aficionados at Roswell, as well as those at Ft. Sumner, where the Kid was
supposedly buried, after being 'gunned down' by Pat Garrett. They weren't about to let
'revisionists' put an end to a good thing, since a lot of their tourist income and local
color is tied up in keeping things the way they are. They too had conferences, featuring
forensic experts from Los Alamos, doing computer analyses of photos of the Kid and
Brushy Bill, etc., etc. But if you have an artist's eye, and casually look at the photos of
the Kid and Brushy Bill, you can see they are the same person, separated by about 40
years. Roberts had over 22 documents proving his identity as "Billy the Kid". Ft.
Sumner advertises the grave site and Kid museum on billboards all around the area. Oh
yeah! That "Brushy Bill" thing sure was a hoax! The Illuminati and CIA also oppose
such revisionism, because it threatens to destroys confidence in "their" false history.
Jesse James' cousin, Ola Everhard, of Lovington, New Mexico, let the cat out of the
bag a few years ago, concerning the truth about the death of Jesse James. Among my
childhood friends, were the great-grandsons of Frank James, ("Jimmy" and "Al"
Schlosser), and the grandson of a Mr. Shea ("Seay", or "See"?), Tommy Mulcahy
("Mulkey"?). Shea had been in the Army of Northern Virginia. When Lee surrendered,
Shea couldn't accept it, and joined Quantill's Raiders in New Mexico. That is where
Shea became friends with the James brothers. Later, Shea rode with Billy the Kid in the
Lincoln County Wars, and maintained his old friendship with the James brothers, as well
as the Kid, for whom he had a good deal of respect. Shea's respect was not easily won,
and I don't think it was completely due to the fact that the Kid (temporarily) used an
Irish name, William Bonny. That was all explained by Dr. Sonnichsen. I always knew
that 'Bonny' and the James brothers (Frank and Jesse) had died of natural causes, after
living considerably longer lives than most. Frank James, a published historian, ran a
profitable antique business at Valley Mills, Texas, near Waco, where he died of old age.
His grandson, Jesse James Howard, raised in the Cimmarron, attended the University of
Texas in 1938, wearing buckskins, moccasins, beads, and long pigtails. In the '60s, he
jokingly boasted that he had been the "first hippy" at U.T., in 1938. He was Jim and
Al's uncle.

From my favorite Hoax reference.

Continued in part 2

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 07:03 PM

Mr. Shea and the James boys (who used the names Bounds and Howard) would get
together on their favorite patriotic holiday, the Fourth of July. I remember them getting
together 1947, at the Schlosser house across Tornillo street, in Kermit. Shea looked
resplendent in his Confederate Uniform, which he wore on such occasions. The
get-together was attended by Shea, Frank and Jesse James, "Brushy Bill Roberts"
("Billy the Kid"), and their descendants. I can remember playing with a boy named
"Franklin D. Bounds" (named after F.D.R.), who was Jesse James' great grandson.
11Tom Lea, The Mustang, University of Texas at El Paso Press [ca. 1961].
Many times, Jim and Al had proudly shown me Jesse's favorite rifle, an oddball
caliber Winchester saddle gun, which hung on their wall. That gun had been used in the
famous Northfield Minnesota Amnesty Raid. And of course, when we played "guns",
Jim and Al would play Jesse and Frank, often arguing about which one played Jesse.
I remember on that 1947 Fourth of July, that, as Mr. Shea came striding down
Tornillo street toward the Schlosser house, and I played in the front yard with Al, the
three old men with canes-Frank, Jesse, and Billy-came in the gate. Al said, "Hey Bill,
how'd you like to meet Jesse James, Frank James and Billy the Kid?" I said, "Yeah!",
and, as the old men came by, I shook their hands, as they said "How-do, young feller",
but Al's sister told his mother, and I was taken into the house and asked to promise to
never tell anyone about the 'ghosts' I'd seen.
Jimmy and Al got severely reprimanded for telling me "too much", since Jesse and
Frank may still have had prices on their heads at the time. Though I knew the truth, and
was sworn to it, and despite the fact that I tried to cover for them by telling their mother
that they had told me nothing, the boys were still whipped, even though their parents
weren't "mean". The events of that day told me two things: It was true that Jesse James
was still alive, and Jim, Al and I weren't good liars.
Frank James, whose family used the name Howard (not Jesse's family, as some
thought), and Jesse James (whose family used the Bounds name) had been given secret
pardons by the 'carpetbag' governor, Edmund Davis, of Texas. They had previously
acquired incriminating evidence on a fellow carpetbag governor, Crittenden of Missouri,
and blackmailed him into prevailing upon Davis to give them the pardons. The man shot
by Bob Ford, in Missouri, was actually a notorious murderer , wanted "dead or alive",
named Charlie Bigelow, who looked a lot like Jesse. It was he who was laid in the grave,
at the "funeral of Jesse James", in 1882. James even helped carry Bigelow's coffin, and
Bigelow's wife, posing as Jesse's wife, even identified the body for the coroner, as
"Jesse's"! Unfortunately, Bob Ford was subsequently killed in a Colorado saloon by a
James fan. Mr. Shea, over 103 in 1947, died at 104, in 1948. He had taught his
grandson, Tommy Mulcahy, at the age of two, to recite every state in the Union and its
capitol, as well as the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence. The
old man had a great patriotic love of America, and was one of the few who knew the
Civil War was not about slavery. Out of respect for my friends, I didn't reveal the truth
about the James brothers until after their deaths. No one would have believed me
anyway, and most won't believe me now.
Jesse James died of natural causes on August 15, 1951, in Granbury, Texas (on the
Brazos River, about 30 miles southwest of Ft. Worth) at age 10312. Billy the Kid
(A.K.A. William Roberts) had died the year before, on December 27, 1950, in Hico,
195 miles west13. The two had known each other for over 89 years, and they were almost
relatives. The James brothers had come together on July 4, 1947, to Kermit, to talk over
the "old days", and to visit family members and their old friend Mr. Shea., and to
celebrate Independence Day.
Why do I tell you all these old stories? What do they have to do with the "Roswell
Hoax"? These stories have to do with all historical hoaxes, because they show that, as
12Dr. Charles L. Sonnichsen, Alias Billy the Kid [commissioned by William V. Morrison, 1955].
13C.L. Sonnichsen, Supra.
usual, there is often a true story behind the 'official' version. That is because societies
have almost always been controlled by an elite, through such hoaxes and false history,
such as, that Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated in Bohemia in 1942, Hitler shot
himself in the mouth in 1945, Jesse James was shot in the back in Missouri, Billy the
Kid was shot by Pat Garrett, John F. Kennedy was shot by a "lone gunman" named Lee
Harvey Oswald in 1963, and an "alien saucer" crashed in Roswell in 1947.
In order to understand the "Roswell Hoax", one has to know a little about the local
history, psychology, and vested interests involved. A whole culture has grown up in New
Mexico around the Billy the Kid/Lincoln County Wars stories, as well as the "alien
saucer" hoax. On the "old west" folklore, there are museums, 'experts', graves,
historical plaques, conferences, historical reenactments and pageants, gunslinger
contests, and annual celebrations, and would virtually have the same things on the "alien
saucer hoax", if only they had laid the little dudes to rest in proper graves. (Instead, the
researchers incinerated the corpses along with other dead lab animals, especially since
the corpses were beginning to stink very badly while they were at the hospital). Rhesus
monkies, like humans, release their bowel contents when they die, so the G-suits were
getting pretty nasty after a few days in the July hot desert sun.
It is the carnival/tourist-trap psychology of the dusty little town of Roswell, which
the government has tried to key into, rather than the local military yahoos, in
perpetrating the initial Roswell hoax, but the atmosphere of the 1997 "50 Year
Anniversary of the Roswell Incident" gravitated-or perhaps ascended-to the level of
& folk festival, with people coming from the countryside with all kinds of alien kitsch,
folk art, food and beverage stands, bands, and RVs, in hopes of making a few dollars
and to have a good time. Most of them didn't even break even.

Online reference

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:17 AM
See this online reference:

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