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A hole in the ground,best shelter for nukes?

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 06:25 PM
Hey i brought this up on the other nuke thread but it got no response..

Ok so say things were heating up and the possibility of nukes has been raised.I would dig a hole in the ground 5x5x5.Then you would put a piece of plywood over the hole,then put a 10x10 tarp over top,but use a stick to prop up the center of the tarp so water runs down and away from your hole.

I think being is your basements wont work.Your house could crumble on you,and even if you survive the callapsing house you will be exposed to radioactive air,dust,and rain.

Would this work?Do you have a idea for free shelter that could be better?

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 06:30 PM
In the event of a full scale nuclear war, you are dead. Period. As for your idea? It would be next to useless. It would do little or nothing to stop fallout and that's if you're lucky enough to live far enough away from a primary target

And now that I look at where you're from, nope, you're just dead.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 06:49 PM
Lol im looking for some usefull info man.Besides have you not heard of all the survivors from the two a bombs we dropped?They witnessed mushrooms clouds and felt heat and their houses wer destroyed.But they lived.

The reason I ask is im in upstate NY so I'm hoping I will be on the outside of it enough to live heh.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 07:54 PM
It depends on many things... I did read a lot about this a while back so ill try and brush off some of the cobwebs in my memory and assume you are not close enough to the blast to be vaporised

If you wish to stay in your shelter, for longer than just surviving the initial shock waves, plywood and tarp would be nowhere near good enough protection...

I remember hearing that you would need at least 3ft of top soil above your head to offer any protection... obviously the more the better... but you would also need to construct the shelter strong enough to avoid collapse.

Any hole in the ground needs to be supported to prevent a cave-in and involves a lot of effort... I think your best bet would to stay in your home.

First get yourself some good NBC protection... You can pick up S10's and full sealed NBC suits on ebay... in date filters are a little harder to get hold of but it can be done... Make sure the NBC suits are still vacuum sealed before you purchase. You will also need gloves and overboots. Store all of this somewhere safe and easily to access in an emergency along with some basic kit and provisions... Torch, wind up radio, knife etc...

Also check out some maps of your country... try to find couple of places suitable to eventually bugout to in the event of an emergency... somewhere remote and not near any major citys or military bases.

You have about 20mins after a blast before the fallout starts to rain down on you. In the first few seconds you have to decide if you can cut and run... or sit it out... I would base this decision on how much structural damage your home has sustained.

Assuming you decide to stay...

Find a suitable part of the building on the ground floor or basement. Kick 3 or 4 doors off their hinges (from the top floors of home) and prop them up in a line against a main support wall (in the area you have chosen for your shelter) then pile as much material as you can on top of the doors... If you are really prepared you will have 20 bags of builders sand you can place on top of the doors, if not... use anything, tables, suitcases full of clothes, cushions from your sofa, soil from potted plants... anything... Seal up all exterior doors and windows with tape and board up any broken windows. You will also need a large supply of water and enough food for 3 weeks. Keeps some jerry cans around your home full of water (although you will need to replace the water with fresh water every 2 weeks)

For emergency food grab anything from your kitchen that is easy to prepare and has a good shelf life outside of a fridge (like tinned, vacume packed or dried foods)

I personally have a mixture of MRE's and British army ration packs for an emergency.

Assuming you live near a major city you would eventually have to move away from the blast zone. After 3 weeks is up its time to suit up and move out... Use your NBC gear, grab your bugout bag and hope there’s some kind of civilisation left or head to your bugout zone...

Like i said before, this is all from memory, its probably not all correct so i would strongly advise doing some research.

There is also some very knowledgeable people on this forum who im sure will correct me on a few things.

Oh yeah... one last thing... Toilet... Urrrgh!

take a bucket and some plastic bags into your shelter... place bag over bucket and use as toilet... when finished tie the bag and tape some plastic bags over your feet.... take the bag as far away from your shelter as possible (another room if poss) Then remove the plastic bags from your feet before re-entering your shelter to avoid contamination...

I did hear somewhere that you should puncture the bag because human excrement gives of gases which will eventually cause the bag to swell and go pop... turning the bag into a poop bomb LOL

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:04 PM
oh... i just found this thread...

I havent had a read yet as its 2am here in england and time for me to go to bed... but it seems to be on the same topic

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