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Survival All Bodies Intact

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 01:28 PM
Some years ago I began a form of thinking that got my curiosity. Survival is more than a means of just existing from day to day. So in the larger picture I tried to come up with a way that would make the world survive long enough to come up with an alternative plan to war, making it unnecessary to need war, as such. Thus making it possible for survival to be less necessary and communities more helpful.

Now this is a less than perfect survival plan, I have not worked out all the details yet but it would mean world survival if we could come up with the plan in complete. I am sure this has been heard elsewhere, but I have'nt seen it on this site as of yet, so I thought I would throw it out there and see what thoughts and ideas others could come up with, so any help would be appriciated.

The world survival of course depends on peace. Is it possible to use a form of tranquilizing "bomb" or "gas" that would allow us to enter war area's rendering enemies more peaceful or slow and thus enableing us to go in and disarm or recover military items without the need for killing? Making it not only possible to save the victims as well as the hostiles?

Now there is problems that would need working out, knives other means of weaponery and such. Of course you would still have the problem of the mental state of the war mongersn and terrorists, but these are but a couple of problems that would have to be figured out. I am sure we could figure it all out. After all we did figure out how to do it all in the reverse. We know how to make others mad.

This form of 'peace' would be forced, at first of course. And there is nothing saying that we all as people couldn't use this (even in North America) , for there is crime and war everywhere, but wouldn't it be worth it for the survival of the human race?

The basics of human survival is such as food and shelter, etc... But getting the world to cooperate with is not such and easy plan. There is a lack of community. That is why the systems (NWO, Capitalism, Communism, etc...) do not work. Apathy, lack of humans caring for others. Survival of the fittest. Why must it be this way? Can we not all work together for survival? This seems to be a dream, but I must say for myself, if I had the means and way, I would rather work all together that apart.

It will take all of us to survive, at any level. The movie the Postman is a great example of this. Many people needing just one more to make it a more workable world. Why are we not able to be that one person that helps others survive?

I will admit that if it is between me and you, I will try my best to be the one who survives, But, why can't we work all together, honestly? Is human nature so vile that we cannot do this? Starvation, at the civilized level creates crime. Untreated illnesses create drug, alcohol and many other things that people use to survive, which in turn lead to crime. Why are we all so selfish that we do not want to help others survive. What person, if given the choice, had a peice of bread would not give it to their child first? We were all children once, and does getting bigger make us have any less right to survive, or receive help?

So my question is simple really, why don't we all work together to survive? Why?

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 01:41 PM
I wish I could answer that question. That is quite the utopian idea you have there.Unfortunately, humans have shown throughout history, that there will always be an upper class, making all the decisions about who lives or dies or what nation they wish to conquer next, through war or whatever means possible.
Iam afraid I do not agree with your idea of a "forced peace". Bit of an oxymoron to me.
If all humans concentrated on was the basics of food and shelter...there may be a chance.However it appears we mostly focus on greed and power.

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