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The Real Atom

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 04:13 PM
First let me begin by saying I am not a physicist, didn’t even take it in high school
What I have to say came to me from my experiences that I have been having for a while now.
What do I mean by experiences? Back in 1997 I was driving back from North Dakota
With a friend who was attending university down there, we were driving home along a
Secondary highway, no street lights, it was night time in the summer my friend was asleep
I was driving. All of a sudden it felt kinda like someone pulled a blanket over my head
I look up and there is a MASSIVE! Black triangle moving slowly overhead
What struck me other than the size was the fact that there was no noise at all, I turned to
My friend shaking him and yelling at him “dude look look” I couldn’t wake him in time
By the time he came around the craft had traversed a couple of miles to my left just about
Disappearing over a mountain range.
Skip forward about 7 years (im not sure how long exactly) I am lying in bed with my wife
Late at night almost asleep but not quite, when this flash of light went off, again no noise
I would have put it down a passing cars high beams but I have black out blinds on my window
My room is pitch dark on a summers day, just as I am about to ask my wife what the hell was
That, she says to me what the hell was that?
Skip forward 3 years (there about) I awake out of my sleep with great pressure deep in my sinus
And the need to sneeze, the thing is I can’t sneeze and there is this voice in my head telling me “I
Cant sneeze yet, not till the bone comes out” the first thing that comes in to my head is who the
#@$ are you? Then I get this mental image of a wishbone coming out of my nose, now let me
Make the point here that although I was aware of something going on I was very groggy much like
I feel every morning when I just wake up, I think it is important to point out that I wasn’t fully awake
And the idea of a bone coming out of my nose didn’t seem all that crazy at the time, what made me
Suspicious in my groggy state was that it didn’t feel like a bone, it was very smooth and hard almost
Like glass I thought, and I still had to sneeze like an s.o.b. Anyway I remember thinking that’s not a bone
No answer, then I feel it sliding out of my nose and me thinking I have to sneeze and again there is that
Voice again no you have to wait until the bone is out, now it’s out of my sinus and in my nose both
Nostrils I can feel slight pressure in both my nostrils like they are spring loaded pushing against each other
And when it finally exited my nose I hear a “clink” like glass or ceramic or tensile steel, in a flash I am fully
Alert and awake and finally able to sneeze, which not to gross anyone out, but it made a hell of a mess I had
To get up and clean myself off and I am left thinking to myself what the !@# was that?

if you want to know what i ment by stating at the begining about me not being a physicist just ask, basically I think I know how they travel and hide

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