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do you think fedor will sign with the ufc? do you want him to?

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 02:11 PM
what are the mma fans thoughts on this?
as we know, fedor and his handlers have been in negotions with dana/zuffa/ufc for a fair bit now...

i dn't have any particulars but i am guessing they are offering fedor a 5 fight deal and probably around 750k per fight...fedor has NOT signed but it is also NOT a money issue like a lot of people are claiming on the net and also, he is NOT afraid of the fighters in ufc.

fedor wanted to be able to compete in ANY mma competition in russia along with combat sambo....ufc signs exclusive contracts that do not let their fighters fight in any other mma orgs....fedor wants to be able to but only in russia..

fedors handlers have since given up on that but they still want fedor to be able to compete in combat sambo in russia....ufc don't want to sign him with that in the deal...

i don't understand why ufc is being like this....well, i's cause fedor is the man and they don't want to risk ANYTHING happening to him outside that octagon. here is the thing though.
first, fedor is like the face of combat sambo in russia. it's a HUGE deal over there. sambo is his first love..that is where he got his start and he still wants to compete....

now, there are grapplers that are under contract with the ufc and still go to compete in abu dahbi(ADCC) so whats with that?
they can compete in other grappling events but fedor can not compete in sambo in his home country??
i don't get it.

now, fedor is also in negotions with bodog....
personally, i want to see him sign with the ufc, obviously....he has already beaten several of their fighters and honestly, i only see one or two that might be able to shake him up..i want him to fight for ufc cause it is t most accesible org so it makes sense that i would be able to see him fight more vs is he was with another org.

people are already talking junk saying that he is afraid to fight in the cage and is afraid to come to ufc cause cro cop got a beat down...the whole pride vs ufc's the whole bandwagon jumping thing...

let me remind people that anderson silva came from pride and took the belt.
rampage came from pride and took the belt.
matt serra came from his own camp to TUF and then TOOK THE BELT....

i don't see fedor being scared of them...

so, what do you guys want to see happen with fedor?

in the end, i think he will sign....he turns 30 this month so he can 'afford' to hold out on signing.....i say he should play hardball for a bit.......stick to his the end, the ufc is gonna have to cancel negotions or cave in...
thing is, they can not say they have teh best fighter(s) in the world if he does not sign....that much is clear....


he is 26-1-0

it's a crappy blemish on his came via cut in 17 seconds in the first round against TK.....also, TK hit him with an elbow which was an illegal was declared a loss cause it was a tourney these days(and there is even an appendage) it is a N/C.....
basically, he is 27-0
50% of his wins are by submission
23% by TKO

19 of those wins come in the way of the first round.

takada, arona, schilt, herring, nog*3, fujita, goodridge, coleman, ogawa, randleman, cro cop, hunt, and lindland are a few of his victims....

He has been the reigning heavyweight champion in PRIDE since March 16, 2003.
Emeliananeko has been considered the best heavyweight fighter in the world for the last four years by many major publications, including ESPN, the Orange County Register, The Fight Network, the Houston Chronicle, and The Wrestling Observer...
he has won numerous tournaments and accolades in multiple sports, most notably the PRIDE 2004 Grand Prix, and the World Combat Sambo Championship on three occasions.....

In 1997, Emelianenko received the official certification of a "Master of Sports" in Sambo and Judo and became part of the Russian national team

Fedor earned a bronze medal in the 1998 Russian Judo Championship

Fedor used to weight train extensively, but in 1999 he almost completely substituted his weight exercises with sport-specific training in grappling, boxing and kickboxing. His strength training consists of daily pull-ups, push ups on parallel bars, and crunches. Emelianenko also runs 12-15 kilometers (7.5 - 9.3 mi) every day

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 09:17 PM
i love watching fedor. i think it would be entertaining to see him fight in UFC. I know a lot of the top UFC guys would get destroyed by this guy.

i think it would be a good idea for fedor to go to UFC. i think he would get more attention in the octagon and i would also get to see him fight on TV more often

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 10:12 PM
Better for fedor, better for the fans, better for the sport, better for everybody!

Let him bring the pain.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:22 AM
i feel the same way.
that said, i would like to see him stick to his guns and hold out for being able to compete in combat sambo...

see, ufc is already looking at this like a biz, not a sport..

i mean, OMG, what if their champ, fedor goes to a combat sambo match and loses?.....what will that do to their sales?

last time he fought in combat sambo nobody even scored a point on him but still.

he is the biggest name mma has ever seen. bigger than royce was back in the day even...dana should just sign him and let him compete....he only competes once or twice a year....with sambo there is no strikes on the ground and you wear shin pads and a padded helmet...
he's not gonna get hurt you know....

here he is busting dudes up in sambo...look at that leg kick at 45 seconds

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 12:50 PM
well last i heard, if Fedor goes to UFC, the only fights he can participate in are UFC only - no more sambo, no more nothin' - just UFC... he refuses to do that...

but lately, i thought i heard that UFC's gonna make him the exception - they're gonna let him fight his other matches too now...

but that's what i heard like 5 months ago, and i'm not sure now...

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