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Rama Landbridge Dispute

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 02:28 AM
The Adam’s bridge over Palk Strait, said to be the remains of a bridge built by Lord Rama, dates back to only 3,500 years and not 1.7 million years as claimed earlier.

There is currently some dispute in the world about this fact, with several companies in India actively to gain the rights to destroy the destroy the strange row of beaches.

There are quite a few Vedic scriptures which I have read that describe the building of vast structures and other engineering impossibilities with complete comprehensibility. They are written as if describing day-to-day activities rather then times of miracles.

If legendary Adam's Bridge region really is the remains of a fantastic land bridge, built in ancient days what does this mean to current world view of the origins of man?

Are the companies trying to destroy the evidence in order to maintain some secret? This could be seen in the context of India's recent push in the government towards the secular side. But perhaps this is all because of something darker and the government is starting to realize the obvious clues in their religious texts towards sites of ancient significance.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 07:16 AM
hi - who claims it is only 3500 years old - and what evidence do they offer for the claim

i have perused a nautical chart of cylon [ yes its was a WWII era RN chart ] but the basic sea bed structure has changed little , and the island structure and " bridge " connecting sri lanka to the mainland is perfectly logical geology

the adams bridge ledgend and vedic tales are IMHO an embelishment of the bridges built island to island , on top of perfectly natuyral geolgy

bear in mind that sea levels have been lower in the past

also who is attempting to destroy it , and why ?

certain areas are dredged regularly - but that has been going on for years

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