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NWO - Fascist Envinronmentalists

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 07:56 PM
AKA Al Gore Extreme times 1000. This world uber-green exalted leader will make Al Gore look like a donkey's ass.

Illegalization of garbage, household or industrial. Your crap and pee, your backyard.
Illegalization of commute. You find a job within walking distance, period.
Illegalization of personally owned automobiles.
Illegalization of sex-without-protections.
Illegalization of electircity for entertainment purposes, no TV, internet, radio, only for informational purposes.
Illegalization of cell-phones, cell towers are all destroyed.
Illegalization of over-eating, for every pound you exceed the 120lbs/person limit, you are fined 1000$/month until you loose the excess weight.
Illegalization of meat, period. Protein source only from soy & other syntetic surces.

Plus below, are mandatory "cost-of existence" rules:

Every person is only allowed 100 square feet of living space. This ensure small house footprint and give back the land to nature.

Unproductive members of society such as seniors and invalids have to have a "sponsor" to pay for their carbon offset-fee of 1million/ year indefinitely. Or they will be "neutralized".

For every year you exist, you must pay back in time and labor your due to the environment. For most people, after they work for 30 years, they must contribute 30 years of labor to work in environmental type of work such as planting trees and compost factories.

Children only allowed if your income is above 1 millions to pay for the "environmental burden" tax of 1million/year for the next 18 years until your child reaches adulthood.

More to come...

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