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The outsiders theory of life in our universe

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 03:59 PM
Its an endless battle...

Countless numbers of people will always battle for the existence of ET and countless will battle for their non-existence. Its an ongoing struggle that can never be won until hard evidence appears.
Until then one theory is as good as the next...and heres mine.

Lets first examine the reasons why extraterrestrials could/would want to examine our planet at a closer distance.


One of the many reasons put forward as to why we are being visited is that it is just a simple case of curiosity. In a similar way as the first explorers of our planet discovered new lands and new civilisations (e.g. the Incas, Mayans and Indians), alien lifeforms who stumble across us in their exploration of space may find us an intriguing and interesting species in our own right.

This would tend to explain why there has been so many sightings of various types of craft. Alien races, once they had learned of our existence, would want to come and observe us in a similar way that other civilisations on Earth were observed.

But would they really be that interested in us? When compared to them we are nothing but one cell in a network that is the brain.


Another popular theory put forward is that the Earth may well contain certain minerals which are not present on the alien planet. There has been some evidence of this in various reports and claims of 'underground' alien bases and sightings of craft seemingly taking samples of earth, planet and even other lifeforms.

However I feel that this is probably the weakest of all the theories as surely we would notice any great reduction in any of our more common minerals. However it may be the case that the aliens only require very sample amounts of a particular substance for their purposes.

If this were true i doubt their visits would be very often and surely there would be visible signs of what they were doing.

To warn and protect

One strong theme to of emerged from many of the abduction and contactee tales is one kindness and protection. Many abduction victims claim to have been shown mental images of the destruction of Earth through neglect and war. These images have been remarkably similar across a broad spectrum of abduction victims each basically confirming the same images of death and destruction.

At first many of these claims seem strange if not absurd, however it must be remembered that the modern UFO era occurred very shortly after the first atomic bombs had been detonated around the mid 1940. Now this may or may not be 'proof' but it is certainly then a strange coincidence.

Another fact worth remembering is that several of the famous sighting cases have occurred around nuclear installations, (Roswell was the worlds first nuclear bomber Air Force Base), and seems to indicate that the aliens are demonstrating that they could if desired 'take-out' the nuclear arsenal of both East and West.

If they were here to protect mankind though, i would imagine them letting us now in a way that was much more convincing.

Genetic mutation is also another theory as to why they would visit.
Their plans to genetically alter humans to make them something of a slave race, or possibly to change their own appearance to fit in with us humans.

I for one believe none!

Certainly i believe there is life on many many different planets in our universe because i think it would be big headed for humans to think they are alone out of the billions and billions of planets.

But i do not believe we have ever been visited. I do not believe that any other races even know of our existence.

What i do think is that our take on an Alien has been mutated over time and today our general conception of an alien is nothing more than us imagining what we could become if we survived that long.

Living without religion..communicating via telepathy..bigger eyes and brains with smaller bodys yet very similar in looks.

Definition: Advanced human

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 05:10 PM
good theories but i think if there is life visiting here, there here because were so greedy. How'd we'd let someone die for some cash. Or let someone get sick for some power. Just think, if there was no more money, we would have an aids cure in 10 years, cure for cancer, and other forms of technology would increase exponentially. Maybe they wonder why so many opurtunitues come, and we blow them.

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