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SOUTH AFRICA against Racism

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 03:38 PM
I'm not racist ( I like the way I started This)
However, the "Great Wall" between between Black and White still exists in South Africa!!! It might be reversed as of late, with BEE (BLACK Employment Equity, or BLACK Empowerment Employment, as some may call it). They still hate eachother, They still try to RULE eachother, but lately, it is the opposite of APARTHIED.(In many opinions, other than SA)
We are currently experiencing a WEIRD kind of Apartheid which to humanitarians would be utterly incorrect.
Let me tell you, I am a white South African who has no "Wrong Doings" in his past, went to a "Black School" and is still friends and tries to make friends with Black people. However, just because of my skin color, I cannot get a sufficienly paid job to live. I guess this is our punishment, but should I really attempt to have children in these conditions, regardess if I have commited these crimes against them or not??? I know half of you don't know our story, but let me put you in the picture......

The order of new Employment is as follows:
1) A Black Man
2) A Black Woman
3) A Colored Woman ( Unkownst to most, is a mix between White and
4) A Colored Woman ( Also a mix, as above)
5) White Woman
6) Lastly, WHITE MEN ( Are we seen as such a threat, or is it their just
punishment towards us?)

Like I said, I am not a Racist, but I find this extremely inhamane!!!!
Is it wrong for us to seek to leave our Beloved Country for countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and wherever else our roots draw us????

IT IS BECAUSE OF THIS I HATE SOUTH AFRICA, nothing else ------- -------IN MY OPINION, THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIUL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, I could spend a Liftime travelling it!!!!!

What are your opinions????

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 05:18 PM
Regardless of the the threats that I have received of late .....I am a Human that will accept all who trespasses aginst me!!
I am not a jerk who keeps grudges
(Even though I was not born when mainstream "Apartheid" was around)
I will uphold the name of SOUTH AFRICANS, Black or White, However, treatment against whites, especially due to the Thabo Mbieki and Mugabe Treatments

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 02:11 AM
Hey SaphriX and welcome to ATS! You'll note that I am from South Africa as well, and I feel your frustration 100%. I am a white male as well, was 14 when the "NEW South Africa" came in 1994, thus had no part in Apartheid. Yet, here I am - highly qualified, doing a job where I would have received 3 times the pay if I were a black man. Pretty unfair if you ask me.

But the whole subject is just too complex to simply "sort out" in a couple of sentences or even a couple of paragraphs. I'll need to write a book just to scratch the surface. And I can tell you that most ATSers won't understand the frustration and anger we experience on a daily basis. I've tried to discuss this on ATS on several occasions. I'm not sure whether most members simply don't care or simply don't understand our "pain". I think it's just a matter of: It doesn't influence us, thus our time will be better spent discussing something else. Which I understand; there are thousands of topics I don't take part in because it doesn't concern me. I read through them, I listen to what people have to say about it, but I remain agnostic about it. Same here.

Where was I? Ah, this topic on ATS... I even gained some notoriety amongst South African right-wingers because of my standpoint on the whole Uhuru urban legend. Which is a whole sub-topic on this topic.

The thing is South Africans - white South Africans - are dragging each other down. What do you talk about at the Saturday "braai" after rugby? Crime... How bad things are in South Africa... How corrupt the politicians are... Am I right? And by doing this you're even more depressed by the time you're going home... And this go on, on a day-to-day basis. "We" (Afrikaners) talk about how bad it is, and it snowball into this big abyss of negativity "we" can't seem to get out of. And that's probably the biggest problem of it all. All talking and no action. It's just not in the culture of "Afrikaners" to do something about their situation. They've settled so much in their comfort zone that they have no idea what to do now that they've been kicked out... And all they have to do is stand together. Not to go to war, or to bomb anything. No. To make a point. To say, "Listen here guys, we've had enough of this BS. We've made mistakes in the past. We said sorry. This is not equality. Let's sort this out please. And do something about the crime..." What we currently have is a handful of people that does this (Patricia de Lille, Steve Hoffmeyer, and so on.) But they've got no one to back them up. And I'm afraid they (at least the Steve Hoffmeyer and Bok van Blerk entourage) are taking the wrong approach. It shouldn't be a "we are Afrikaners, you better watch out!" approach - waving the Four-Colours flag for effect. That's not going to get us anywhere...

They are right about one thing though. We need a leader. Since the fall of the NP and the KP Afrikaners don't have anyone to look up to for direction. They're just mulling about, and the chaos and confusion allows certain people to walk over them. The moment we have a decent political figure that can say "Look, I'm Afrikaans, I'll get us our fair place in the country without hate or shedding a single drop of blood", things will get better.

Until then the best we can do is just go on with our lives. Thinking positive. It's no use sitting in the corner feeling sorry for yourself. You won't accomplish anything. Nor will nagging about the situation around the "braai" change anything either. My situation is far from ideal, and statistical speaking I should have been hijacked at least twice and shot at least once. I am not a statistic however. Because I won't allow it. There are very simple and basic measures you can take to keep your family and yourself safe. Making the best out of a worst-case scenario is all you can do, because doing anything else won't help anyone. Least of all your situation.

If you have the opportunity to go to Australia, New Zeeland or whereever, and you feel that things are better there - then go for it. Sadly the country will not miss you. Your friends and family will, but South Africa as a whole will not miss you. Don't be fooled though. Four years ago I sold all my belongings, and went to the UK to find my fortune. You heard all the wonderful stories of riches, right? Wrong. Sure. The UK is a first world country. Things aren't half as bad there as it is here. But I was back after only 6 months in the UK. The English simply don't have respect for South Africans. Why this is, I don't know. Seriously had had some jaw dropping experiences in the way people treated me there (I'm sure they didn't mean to, there were nice people as well...). For the first time in my life people looked down on me. And it's not nice. Not only that. Sure, Rand to pound I earned more money. BUT life is extremely expensive, especially around London (let me just mention for the record that Scotland and the Scottish people are great!), and in the end you spend your hundreds and hundreds of pounds on rent and transport... So I came back to South Africa. In the end - with the crime and "reversed racisms" in the equation I'm simply better off in my own country.

Don't hate the country. There are a handful of people with personal grudges and agendas that's making it bad for all of us. We simply have to wait it out... Just hang on, and look for the half full glasses...

I know it's time to stop when I begin to sound like Oprah.


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