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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 01:46 PM
If you may consider this: The nuclear armed cruise missile was the first one launched, of a planned 6 to be exploded over America.
This is what Chertoff was talking about his "Gut" feeling. His gang just tried to 'Trigger' a nuclear holocaust upon the people of America.
Consider this for a moment: Did the Extraterrestrials 'Grab' that cruise missile out of the air and shut it down? Did "ET" then lock out the other 5 missiles, to prevent them from being launched?
Did Steve Fossett go and play hide and seek, to allow the Air force to search for the now missing cruise missile, with out alerting the public to what had just gone down?

Do you understand that we all are the "Living Dead."
The nuclear "Trigger" has been pulled on us several times over the decades, and this appears to be merely the most recent attempt to carry forward with the total and complete extermination of the human race.
"They" are trying to carry forward with their self fulfilling prophecy called Armegeddon.
How am I so sure that "ET" really exist? "If "ET" did not exist we all would have been turned into nuclear waste already.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 01:51 PM
Ive heard many theories, but this has to be right up there. Well, its an idea sure, but there isnt much substance to it, or any real evidence that this has been done. If we are all to assume that there are people running the world behind the scenes so to speak, then we can count on things not getting out of hand in the United States. I always felt that 9/11 was the minimum that they had to dont castrate me yet. You might think that knocking down 2 towers and hitting the Pentagon is a big deal in itself, but if you really think about...its the bare minimum that was deemed dispensable. You know what, Im not gonna go there. But my point is, I dont believe the US is in any real danger from being annihilated or anything like that, but it does face the problem that it will no longer be the sole superpower.

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