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There Is No 9/11 Conspiracy....

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 08:57 AM
....Yeah Right!!

Set below are a list of some of the "anomalies" that i would like the "non-believers" to explain away.Because,to me,when faced with so much evidence,to keep denying any foul play on 9/11 is sheer ignorance and stupidity!!
(the source for this information comes mainly from 9/

The attack scenario was irrational on the part of the alleged hijackers, and its execution is incomprehensible in light of their behavior. There is little or no credible evidence that Arab hijackers were involved in the September 11th attack, except in the takeover of Flight 93.

1)The originating airport for Flights 11 and 175 was Boston Logan instead of any of several airports near New York City. This created about 40 minutes of exposure to interception for each flight.
2)Flight 77 flew to the Midwest before turning around to return to Washington D.C.. It was airborne an hour and 23 minutes before allegedly attacking the Pentagon. That would provide ample opportunity for interception even if the air defense system were mostly disabled.
3)Flight 93 flew to the Midwest before turning around to fly toward Washington D.C. Had it reached the capital, it would have been airborne for more than an hour and a half. The odds of escaping interception with that plan would be infinitesimal under standard operating procedures.
4)At least six of the alleged hijackers have turned up alive since the attack.
5)None of the four flight crews radioed Air Traffic Control about hijackings in progress.
6)None of the four flight crews punched in the four-digit hijacking code.
7)Mohammed Atta allegedly barely caught Flight 11, a key flight in the event that he was supposedly planning for years.
8)The alleged hijackers partied at topless bars and drank alcohol, despite being portrayed as fundamentalist Muslims, for whom such behavior would be surprising, to say the least.

Despite normal intercept times of between 10 and 20 minutes for errant domestic flights, the airliners commandeered on 9/11/01 roamed the skies for over an hour without interference.

1)According to NORAD's timeline the FAA reported errant airliners after inexplicable delays.
2)The FAA took 18 minutes to report Flight 11's loss of communication and deviation from its flight plan.
3)The FAA took 39 minutes to report Flight 77's deviation from its flight plan.
4)Despite the fact that Flights 11 and 175 were headed for New York City, no interceptors were scrambled from nearby La Guardia, or from Langley, Virginia.
5)Despite NORAD's having received formal notification of the first hijacking at 8:38, no interceptors were scrambled from Andrews to protect the nearby Pentagon until after it was hit at 9:37.
6)Two F-15s flying off the coast of Long Island were not redeployed to Manhattan until after the second tower was hit.
7)The two F-15s scrambled from Otis AFB to protect Manhattan could have reached the capital in 9.6 minutes once they arrived over New York City. That was still 34 minutes before the Pentagon was hit.

On 9/11/01 three skyscrapers were totally destroyed, with structural collapse primarily due to fires given as the explanation. Fires and bombings have never before or since caused steel-frame buildings to collapse.

1)Building 7 experienced total collapse, allegedly because of fires, when no steel-frame building before or since has ever collapsed, totally or even partially, due to fires. Building 7 was an over-engineered 47-story steel-frame skyscraper, standing over 350 feet from the nearest of the Twin Towers. Public evidence documents only small fires in it on September 11th.
2)Building 7 collapsed in a nearly perfectly vertical fall, producing only minor damage in the Verizon and Post Office buildings only 60 feet on either side of it.
3)Building 7 collapsed into a remarkably small rubble pile of mostly pulverized remains, when no steel building falling for any reason has ever pulverized itself.
4)The Twin Towers exploded into dust and shattered steel, a behavior inconsistent with the known behavior of steel structures outside of explosive demolition.
5)The South Tower's core structure was largely undamaged by the off-centered jet impact, unlike the North Tower, yet it collapsed sooner.
6)Both towers started to disintegrate at regions above and below the crash zones in the first seconds of their falls.
7)Both towers fell straight down, through themselves, following the path of maximum resistance, a behavior never before observed in spontaneous collapses of any type of vertical structure.
8)The collapses of both towers exhibited features never otherwise seen except in controlled demolitions: sudden onset accompanied by thunderous bangs, visible explosions ringing their perimeters, energetic ejections of dust at regular intervals, and copious production of dust.
9)Both towers exploded outward and were shredded and pulverized -- a pattern of destruction much more destructive than normal controlled demolitions, yet this result was supposedly produced without the added energy of explosives.

The Pentagon attack defies expectations that this prime terrorist target would have been defended,and that a terrorist would have hit the front side in a simple maneuver,rather than the back side in an extreme precision aerobatic maneuver.

1)The Pentagon was hit after ample warning without being protected by any defensive action.
2)The 9:37 strike was well over an hour after the first signs of a hijacking and 34 minutes after the South Tower strike confirmed that an attack was underway.
3)The Pentagon is within 11 miles of Andrews Air Force Base, which apparently had two combat-ready fighter wings on 9/11/01.
4)The spiral dive approach to the Pentagon was such an extreme maneuver that experienced air traffic controllers thought it was military jet.The tree-top final approach skimmed objects in the yard and crashed the plane into the first floor of the building. Experienced pilots have wondered if any human pilot could have executed the maneuver.
5)Investigators were not allowed access to the crash site until well into October.
6)Eyewitnesses reported the smell of cordite.
7)Only two video segments have been released by the Pentagon from all the security cameras that monitor its periphery.Neither clearly shows the attack aircraft.

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