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A question.....

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 05:11 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen....

I have never heard any one mention it before, and I was wondering -

We have seen the videos, we have heard the testimony, we have had scientists and architects comment. But a thought came through my mnd that I cannot get past......

What was the state, or the impact, on the electrical grid on Long Island that day? What went out, what didnt? What utilities were under WTC 1+2? What directives were on the agenda that day, any tests, diversions of power, ect? Was there anything that was out of place?

That goes for water, sewage, phone, ect?

Just curiosity, but I thought that I would pose this very small thought, to those better in researching than my self. I wish I had more time to investigate.....but I dont. And if this is a piece to the mystery, I dont want it to go by.

Thanks all


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