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Embracer of a macabre life

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 12:29 AM
how far does the darkness go
the void which calls my tormented soul
this hearth in which bleeds for warmth
hollow and dead.....the feeling of uslessnes vomited into eternity
read my thoughts and feel this pain
when shall my hollow be fullfilled again
whisper here the secrets of youth
innocents betrayed by temper corruption
shotgun blast point maddness drips into your subcontious
you read these words ,this is not suicide
this is realese from my internal homicide
i cry tears of blood yearning for love,
but ignorence is bliss
pass me on the street
yet i am nonexistant
breath threw the hollows of the forest of the damned
crucify my dignity
so i may feel the importance of the morning star
my honor stays eternal
if i knew you who watches me with lust
i would bleed in order to meet you
i would make sacrafices to infinity
the pain i feel intolerable
there are many battle scars upon my heart
eternity is all i have.......who would be the one to share it
thine blackend heart shall be cought in a web of satin......till the sparkle of life dissappears from my eyes


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