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HAILS, noticeings ftom the undetgtound music scene.....does it have to do with the nearing of the my

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 10:08 PM
certain underground music genres are haveing a very simalar message
that message i have known are the building of armys.
i am sure there are Bm followers amongst the many whom use this site
but why is there a rush to build these unholy theory is the reset of the myan callender....supposedly the 2014 myan reset is going to bring upon the world a change for the better or for the worst

i also wonder if there is a connection with the myan reset and the lost civilization of atlantis the black out zone near siberia,as well as the bermuda my question is

is there a connection with the many resent events of weather,changes in society,past civilizations lost ,as well as subject matter in media ,to the coming reset of the myan callender

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