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Noah's Flood is called Melt water pulse 1B by so called experts

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:34 PM
With ancient star maps experts have deduced that the writers of Pa-Hanok (AKA Enoch and NOAH ) lived over 12.000 years ago when Ursa Major and Minor were in the summer western sky at sun set and that the writers of Pa-Hanok were Scholars of the movements of the stars in the sky.

Through that we can deduce that they were a reliable witness of that time and of the thing that were happing in that sky

Yes Bird they had system of Heilograpic symbols to transcribe text. Didn't Know that did you. This system had symbols much like the Morris code.
I will tell the yarn about that later. OH I am sorry you call them THREADS.

Sorry it save time if feed the Bird

IGCP475/APN/CCON Delta Conference-
Jan. 10-17, 2005, Ho Chi Minh City,
Dr. Yongqiang Zong

The Pearl River Delta situates on the south coast of China, and is connected to a drainage basin…. Three main rivers (West, North and East Rivers) drain into the drowned coastal basin and, during the Holocene, created two deltaic complexes the sandwich the present day.


The sea-level index points are plotted on a time-altitude graph (Figure 2A). Each index point is attached with error bars to its age and altitude. The graph is also fitted with a polynomial trend line.

The results show that relative sea-level ( in the Pearl River Delta) reached –25m (82 feet below the current sea-level) by c. 11,000 years BP (Before CHRIST), possibly after a short period of stagnation. (No change in sea-level for almost 1,000 years) Shortly before 10,000 BP (Before CHRIST), relative sea-level rose to c.-17M (55.25 feet below current sea-level a rise of 26.75 feet in less then 100 years), apparently in result to the Melt Water Pulse 1B. The rate of such a relative sea-level is potentially as high as 8mm/a (3.1625 inches per year) Between 10,000 BP (Before Christ) and 6,000 BP (Before Christ), relative sea-level rose steadily for approximately 16m (to with in 39 inches of our current sea-level, during that 6,000 years period ), at a rate of 4mm/a. ( 1.5 inches per year) ( It then took almost another 8,000 years to make up that last 39 inches.

The results from the Pearl River Delta are comparable with Sea-levels reconstructed from Barbados (Farbanks, 1989), Tahiti, and New Guinea (Bard et al., 1996) (These sea-level records reveal the rapid rise in sea-level corresponding to the Melt Water Pulse-1B followed by a continuous rise


Melt Water Pulse 1B was the second of these events the first Melt Water Pulse. MWP 1B was the second of these events the first (Melt Water Pulse 1A) occurred from about 14,000 BC and lasted until the Period of Stagnation in 11,000 BC. This accounted for the balance of the 300 feet 0f Sea-level rise based on the Barbados, Tahiti, and New Guinea data

So what did Dr. Yongqiang Zong and the others scientist research tell us? That a Hell of a lot of ice from somewhere melted really fast just about the time that our friends that wrote Pa-Hanok: Isn’t that a coincidence that the Pa-Hanok Star Chart pin pointed that time?

This book of Enoch Noah is quated By Moses, Daniel, Paul, Jesus, almost all the book of Jude is quated from that book if it was good enough for Jesus to quate it is good enough for me..

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:38 PM
I have no idea what you are trying to say.

If you have any kind of "proof" of a heliographic language 12,000 years old, I can't wait to see it. I wonder how they preserved copies of it for people to find? It would be far preferable if you do your research and post your links and proof during the original thread, otherwise people will tend to discount what you have to say.

And I fail to see your connection of China to ancient Mesopotamia.

Could you clarify these points a bit so that it can be discussed?

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:45 PM

History and love stories repeat themselves though most of us are bound to miss the point every time. Take for example the fall of Troy, a good mix of a love story and history. For centuries Troy was thought to be a fictional kingdom. However, Heinrich Schiemann, a self-educated German businessman read Homer and was convinced of the fundamental truth found in Homer's stories (800 BC). In 1870 Heinrich began to excavate near the village of Hissarlik in Asia Minor (Turkey) . There he found architectural remains in superposed layers and a wealth of objects made of stone, copper, silver, and gold. This find quickly forced the Scholarly World to revise its conclusion about the Heroic age. Schiemann named the site "The City Priam" named for Homer's: King of Troy. After Schiemann’s death, Wilhelm Dorpfeld continued Schiemann's work and between 1893 and 1894 found "The Sixth Settlement.” This was contemporary with the "Mycenaean Epoch" of early Greece and was in turn called "Troy .”


A good-looking woman named Helen (the wife of Menelmaus, King of Sparta) got the Ancient world in to a twist almost 3100 years ago after she was kidnapped: Menelmaus, Agamemnon and the Greek army went to Troy to free her. Even as the siege ensued, another woman waited in her palace, back at Mycennae in Greece for word of the battle. Her name was Clytemnestra, sister in-law to Helen and the unfaithful wife of Agamemnon the Commander of the Greek forces. Agamemnon had aggravated the problems with Troy by stealing Chryemneis , the daughter of one of the priests of Troy.

Clytemnestra was over 450 miles from Troy by land and 250 miles by a land-sea route. As she paced back and forth, she wondered how long must she wait for news of the siege . If Caesar Augustus's (27 BC to 14 AD) Postal System had been available to her, it would have taken four and a half days to make the trip from Troy, with an average speed of one hundred miles per day. If William F. “Buffalo Bill" Cody's Pony Express was doing the delivery it would have taken three days, based on the best time from St. Joseph to Sacramento. The carrier pigeon message system developed by the Arabs sometime between the 7th and the 9th century AD, would have taken two days if it came back at all. The square sailed ships of the time just would not meet the new racing yacht specifications of today and if the winds were contrary it could have taken weeks: and if Odyssey was in charge years.

The funny thing is that Aeschylus the Greek Dramatist Said that Clytemnestra knew that day. But how could she know? Did space aliens tell her? NO! Was she a clarvoincant? NO! An out of body experience? NO! Catoptromance (a magic Mirror) Yea! Now you're getting close.


Xenophon (434-355 BC) an ancient Greek war hero and historian wrote a history of ancient Greece called Hellenica, which contains the phrase to

“Signal with a shield"

This is thought to refer to “reflecting sunlight” with a mirrored shield.” That shield was called an ASPAS the Ancients word for snakes The messages were called “aspasmos” “to handle the snake”: yes they were what you would call snakes.

Aeschylus speaks of a system of dozens of "Beacons" on mountaintops and watchtowers from Troy to Mycennae and Clytemnestra’s palace. This indicates a network of beacons running at light speed over 3,000 years ago and it was not the first of its kind. Such a system would not be instantly useable. It would take time to build watchtowers and climb mountains to find line of sight locations and a code system would also have to be developed. If this story has a hint of truth, there would have to be some remnants of that type of network and of the code system that was used. Sorry to say, most historians will say: “fine, it was some campfires on the hills" or "It was a short-lived or one time fluke of history"
I will post the rest soon

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by Howard

There are other blinker codes of the past, but first let us go back to your child hood, grade school and those code breaking hand outs. How did you break those codes? First you counted the most used symbols in the text. When using the English language that was almost always the letter "E.” The next most often used was "T" followed by "I, A, N, O, R, and S. The simple way to remember them is the word that they spell "SENORITA" Then it was a simple matter of filling in the blanks to make the message make sense. Samuel F. Morris used that same principle to make his famous Morris Code .He made the most used letters the simplest. Now you can win at “HANG MAN.”

The Greek and the Hebrew alphabets both have a number component to each of the letters . The Greek Ionian letter is A for one or 1 in the Greek Attic and corresponds to Aleph the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet the number go consecutively to the number ten. At that point by tens, ten through ninety the next letter is one hundred and goes up by one hundred jumps. To nine hundred though some of the last few numbers are not letters in either alphabet: but a type of symbol just for that number. On the next page is a chart with both alphabets and their corresponding letters and the Greek Attic equivalents beside that are the blinker code symbols and the equation used to formulate the code. Notice ( image missing) that the number sixty has the same symbol for both codes: .the Greek letters and the blinker code transcription Sorry but the letter name is "Xi": it marks the spot that the two codes match code symbols. However, later in history the form of the top dash of the letter Xi is elongated. Also notice that the simplest codes are highlighted because those are the most used letters in the most ancient texts of both the Greek and the Hebrew alphabets. That is a tell tail sign of a designed code system that was used with a transmitted system

Not only that both alphabets have the same order as the northern Semite alphabet of the Hittites, they also mirror the early Ugaritic Cuneiform symbol because they were all alphanumeric/Heliographic codes. These codes allowed the most used letters to have the simplest symbol that corresponds to 1, 5, 10 2, 4, 6, 9, 50 and 100. Here is the kicker, the message would be totaled so that when it was received a “line cipher” was given with the total of the message or line by line so if the numbers totals did not match up the message could be resent or the error is discovered

There are at least two places where this principle is still used. First in computer code writing so that the errors in the written code can be found if the computer or software has a malfunction and where the error is so it can be fixed. The Jews still use those number values of their alphabet to total their Holy Scriptures. This is so that, the WORD of GOD would be constant without variations. Problem is that there are no vowels with a number value and the text only has constants that do. If a certain group of letters could have several meanings they pick the vowels that fit the context of the text. Most of the time they are right but biases work in .The men that do the scribal work on the scriptures are still called Counters.

It was this same problem of lack of vowels in the text all Middle Eastern alphabets that caused the problem with the choice of letters in the Great King of Lights
Even the Taoism religion a sect of Zoastrisiom has four Holy artifacts. The Four Bronze Mirrors of the first century. A trace of a type of communication system was mentioned in the 13th century traveler Marco Polo account of his visit to the Far East. The account mentions that the Emperor of China was alerted to Polo's arrival by sunlight reflected by mirrors between mountaintops along Polo's route.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 10:11 PM

This is one of the most incoherent ramblings I have ever read.

You would have a better chance of understanding something bush minor was trying to say.

Start all over and try again.

This time with small words with one or two letters.

[edit on 12-9-2007 by grover]

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 10:21 PM
I went to your profile and clicked on your favorite site and surprise it is a site promoting a book by someone named Howard West.

I am not one to bet but i would say that the odds are that Howard of this thread and the Howard of the website are one and the same and this is an attempt to garner attention for your self published book.

If that is your site, I would suggest as a graphic artist, using all bold and slab fonts in garish colors is not only bad design, but it doesn't do anything to promote any form of validity for the book. It looks like it should be an ad placed in the Globe someplace.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 10:40 PM
Busted! I think grover's right -- you're hawking your own book.

And that website of yours gave me a headache. It is really hard to look at, and nobody serious will take it seriously.

I saw your theory on the heliographic language. I'm having a hard time trying to remain nice about this. So I better just stop.

Hey, mods, does this thread count as self-promotion by a new member?

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